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Africa Market Research

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Africa is projected to experience continued economic growth in the years ahead as FDI’s (foreign direct investments) increase, especially those of Korea and Japan.

Though nations rich in resources have traditionally been the object of investment interest, services and manufacturing sector projects will proliferate continent-wide, with hundreds of new projects in the works. International investors will combine their resources to make infrastructure improvements which should ultimately improve trade opportunities and improve the general quality of life for Africans in the future.

Low commodity prices and falling global oil prices have negatively affected the African economy recently. China, a major investor in African development, is experiencing economic slowing, as well. The potential spread of Ebola could hurt tourism and transportation interests if it spreads further. Despite these hurdles, much is being done to improve and stabilize governance, and implement social changes in Africa that will make it more attractive to investors. South Africa has the strongest economy on the continent and many companies there are reaching out to invest in other African nations.

The number of high-net worth individuals is on the rise and many of them gravitate toward the banking hub of Mauritius which has become the financial center of African trade. SIS International Research has extensive experience in African-based marketing research. Our market and perceptual studies offer valuable insight into many sectors of business development and expose the potential opportunities that exist therein. We continually take the pulse of African market dynamics, interact with key purchase decision makers, and examine the demands and attitudes of consumers and developers alike.