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Industrial Market Research

SIS International Research brings over 30 years of experience to its Industrial Market Research leadership. We have keen awareness of unique manufacturing environments and of the sophisticated technologies involved in many sectors of industry. With the rise of Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, we provide insightful research and strategies to propel your company into the future.  It takes astute market analysis and marketing strategy to thrive in today’s highly competitive business landscape. SIS assesses market size potential and identifies growth opportunities that exist for your firm, helping you take the necessary steps to succeed.  In addition to conducting executive interviews and surveys, SIS conducts high-level strategic market assessments.

Understanding the customers who use your products is valuable. Through in-depth interviews, CATI studies, consumer surveys, and focus groups, SIS Industrial Market Research examines customer attitudes, branding and image awareness, and end-user opinions that provide vital data and insight. Industrial competitive intelligence research and competitor profiling can deliver meaningful advantages in the industrial marketplace. We assess supply chain effectiveness and zero-in on improving important logistical aspects of transportation and procurement.

We constantly monitor the pulse of global industrial markets, identifying purchasing trends and anticipating future trends on the horizon. Contact us when considering new market opportunities and product launches, and allow us to be a cultural bridge when expanding to new and unfamiliar international markets. These are just a few of the industries we serve: Automotive, Energy, Manufacturing, Chemicals, Shipping, Waste Removal and Plastics sectors.

Qualitative Industrial Research

Customer In-Depth Interviews, Focus Groups and other Qualitative methods can provide insights into customer needs.  Increasingly, purchasing behavior occurs online.  Industrial platforms such as Alibaba and Social Media are impacting industrial markets.  Qualitative Research helps marketers to understand their clients’ values and feelings. It explains why people feel the way they do.  It also helps them understand clients’ perceptions of a product or service. Researchers may ask open-ended questions that encourage people to tell their stories.

Quantitative Industrial Research

Quantitative Research gathers numerical information and measures reactions.  Companies can use quantitative research to determine new customer and market opportunities, and product insights. Statistical analysis can provide a more in-depth understanding on how to customize products and services to meet customer needs.

Strategy Research

Strategy research refers to the approach used by marketers to gain information into competition, supply chains, and industry movements. Knowledge gleaned from Market Research can give companies an edge over their competition. Strategy Research involves the following solutions:

  • Market Opportunity Assessments
  • Market Entry, Feasibility & Sizing
  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Intelligence & Analysis
  • Best Practices Research
  • Win/Loss Research
  • Channel Intelligence
  • Distributor Research

Industrial Strategy Research evaluates the existing market competition by assessing competitors’ business plans. Secondary research connects already available data to validate and triangulate findings. Strategy Research helps in determining the market segments that a company should target.

We explore our clients’ strategic priorities, objectives, strengths and weaknesses to design projects that will have a lasting impact.  Asking appropriate and relevant questions is key in Industrial Strategy Research.  Having a firm understanding how competitors may react to new strategies can also strengthen strategic movements a company decides to make.

Opportunities, Trends, and New Technologies

Technology is a game changer in Market Research. It allows researchers to access information from all parts of the world. Researchers can collect and process insights rapidly away. The integration of so many data sources allows a holistic view of the person or situation. This shift is one of the most exciting aspects of Industrial market research. Market research and Big Data will enable businesses to produce more meaningful insights.

Benefits of Industrial Market Research

Studies show that firms that conduct Market Research grow faster and are more profitable. Costs depend on the size of the sample needed and the method used for research. They need to use it to shape staff behavior and to adjust strategy. They also need to be deliberate in their approach if they want to enjoy the generous benefits it can provide.  Our experienced researchers bring industry expertise to make our industrial market research engagements actionable.