Market Research in Mauritius, Africa

Market Research Mauritius, Africa


The Republic of Mauritius is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The country’s closest neighbor is Madagascar, 700 miles to the west. The capital is Port Louis. It is a vibrant city in which a significant amount of selling and buying takes place. The French governor founded Port Louis around the mid-1700s. Some other major cities of high population and economic activities are Curepipe, Grand Baie, Beau Bassin-Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes and Vacoas-Phoenix.


Mauritius’ primary language is French, but most inhabitants speak French Creole and English. The people are diverse, and so is the culture. The main religion in Mauritius is Hinduism. Fewer than half of all Mauritians are Christian.

Mauritius is well known for its cultural villas, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters. Because of its relative isolation, Mauritius is a great getaway spot. It has many cane fields and unique, distinctive plant and animal species. It is famous for the Dodo bird, an extinct native bird the size of a rabbit. This bird, proclaimed extinct in the late 1600s, was endemic to Mauritius.

These islands are a great tourist attraction, known for their natural environment. Its cultural architecture also attracts visitors.

Yet, Mauritius has overpopulation issues, with 1.3 million inhabitants as of 2019. Still, the people of Mauritius seem to get by well on its available resources.

Key Industries

The five primary industries of Mauritius are Tourism, Agriculture, Mining, Services, and Manufacturing.

Mauritius’s primary manufacturing industries include food processing and clothing, fish, textiles, and chemicals, and it has a robust mining industry. In addition, the islands do wide-scale sugar milling for export to other countries. The milling factories produce both beet and cane sugar. Sugarcane takes up 80 percent of the land area of Mauritius.

Mother Nature has blessed this nation with breathtaking beauty. This beauty has enticed visitors over the centuries. So it is not surprising that tourism is a vital pillar of the Mauritian economy. As a result, the number of tourists has increased over the years.

Customer Base

Mauritius” imports are higher than exports. These islands bring in commodities from abroad, such as refined petroleum and cars.

Food from France is also a significant percentage of the imports of Mauritius. India, Australia, and South Africa are also other countries from which Mauritius imports. Another trading partner is the United States. Mauritius imports foods like meat, coffee, and dairy products from the US. It also gets frozen vegetables and fruits like oranges from that country. The country also imports clothes from the United States and Europe.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in Mauritius

Investing in Mauritius can be beneficial as it offers investors a low taxation rate. Also, there is no inheritance tax, which is good news if you’ve inherited property. You also don’t have to pay VAT or customs duties on equipment imported for your business.

Mauritius is a well-off country. Its exports of sugar have been of real value to the country. Moreover, many economists consider it to be one of the developed countries in Africa. As a result, Mauritius is an excellent country to grow your business.

Market Research in Mauritius

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