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Healthcare Market Research Firm

Healthcare systems are under pressure all over the world, and share common challenges: aging populations, fiscal pressures and increasing patient expectations.

This fast growing business sector forms a crucial part of the economy in every developed nation in the world. It’s a complex industry subdivided into many categories, populated by any number of interdisciplinary teams and skilled professionals. SIS International Research has 30 years of experience in catering to the specific needs of the biggest names in the healthcare industry.

We provide critical physician and patient, physician and stakeholder feedback regarding their medical products and services.  Our robust network of accessible physicians, clinicians, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, therapists, and paraprofessionals, gives us ready access to real-world medical data. We probe the thoughts and opinions of medical professionals where they work, accessing the most applicable data and mining the crucial opinions of the medical professionals who matter most where research is concerned.

With access to the widest demographic pool of respondents around the world, we are ready and able to communicate with the people most directly affected by and reliant on the healthcare industry for daily care, improved quality of life, and in many instances, for survival itself. We respect the importance of healthcare marketing research and we take it seriously.

We provide our clients with the hard-to-get, critical information and data the healthcare industry demands. When it matters most, count on SIS International Research.

Physicians, payers, providers and governments face opportunities and challenges like never before, and these trends are likely to continue over the next few years. 

  • The growth in the number of mobile and smart devices around the world has continued steadily.  New technologies and devices in particular smart phones, are creating new customer touch points and better ways to present information and gather feedback.

  • The rise of emerging economies is creating new opportunities as those markets become some of the largest healthcare markets worldwide. High growth emerging economies such as the “BRIC” countries are set to become major players in the market size of their healthcare sectors.

  • In the past, healthcare market research and pharmaceutical  studies placed an emphasis on the B2B side of the industry — in particular through hospitals, professionals and physicians. Increasingly, market research is focused on patients and experience. This is in many cases due to the widespread information on health issues on the internet, as well as deregulation of OTC medicines in some countries (reducing the need for prescriptions).

  • Patients are increasingly engaged in a learning and experiential process. They can also share their personal experiences on forums, blogs and through chats. For example, the increasing popularity of research methods such as “gamification” can appeal to customer motivations of achievement, competition, collaboration and learning.

  • Social media and online support groups provide patients with more influence and choice. With increasing patient engagement, changing technology and lively social media environment, opportunities and challenges exist.

SIS International helps support our clients’ strategic objectives and decision-making.

Healthcare Market Research Intelligence Solutions

  • Stakeholder feedback, engagement & experience
  • Brand Strategy & Consulting
  • Social media research
  • Reputation management
  • Industry tracking
  • Usability testing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Co-creation

Healthcare Strategy Solutions

  • Strategy analysis
  • Market Intelligence
  • Market Opportunity & Entry Research
  • M&A Due Diligence
  • Strategic Planning insights
  • Industry Assessment