Market Research in Tunisia, Africa

Tunisia is in North Africa next to Algeria and Libya. Its official language is Arabic.

Market Research in Tunisia, Africa

Key Industries

Most of the land in Tunisia is arable. As a result, it exports wheat, barley, olives, dates, and fresh fruit. Its main export is olive oil.

The oil and mining sectors also make lots of money. The resources mined include phosphates, iron, ore, zinc, and gold.

Tunisia also has a strong services sector. The main focus of that sector is tourism. But, it also includes retail trade and defense. All of these sectors boost revenue.



Tunis is the largest city. It is also home to the most people. This bustling city offers a lot of energy with its busy nightlife. It’s where everyone comes to enjoy themselves. Tunis also has many ancient sites and museums.


Sfax is the second-largest city in Tunisia. It has many sites and beautiful attractions. Sfax has a fishing port. It also processes phosphates, olives, and nuts. In addition, many of the people of Sfax engage in trade.


Sousse is the third-largest city in Tunisia. Like Tunis, this city offers sizzling nightlife. It also has beautiful beaches with turquoise waters. Sousse has a rich history. In addition, it offers many fun activities. In fact, Sousse is the perfect getaway.


Ecommerce is a trend that continues to grow in Tunisia. Moreover, more digital networks are being installed right through the country. Because of this, Tunisians are doing more and more online shopping.

The energy market of Tunisia has also seen growth. Tunisia produces thermal power from natural gas. In fact, it is the main source of energy. The government is also increasing other energy sources such as hydro and wind power throughout the country.

Benefits and Strengths of the Market

Tunisia’s tourism sector is growing. History buffs love Tunis since it is the gateway to the ancient city of Carthage. The country expects the tourism sector to take off post-COVID.

Another market strength is Tunisia’s strategic location. Its position is perfect to supply Europe. This location makes it a prime trading partner with many countries.

Consumer Base

The people of Tunisia are very selective. They do a lot of research before they buy. Tunisians also check quality compared to competing products. Their product promotion is unique. It is a mix of word-of-mouth from families and direct selling. Thus, public opinion can decide a company’s sales and place in the market.

Most leading companies have agents in almost every city and neighborhood. As a matter of fact, local customers are often unwilling to buy new products and brands if they don’t have agents.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in the North Africa Market

Again, the strategic location is an advantage. That’s because it’s so easy to ship goods to Europe. Tunis, the capital, is also in the right spot. It’s easy for business owners to trade with Europe. Investors should not miss this chance.

Tunisia’s society is welcoming, and it has a large ex-pat community. Furthermore, its workforce is of a high standard. Tunisians have proven that they can work well with people from other countries.

The country also has an excellent school system. This news may be a relief if you have a young family. Moreover, Tunisia is the perfect place to start your business.

Another reason to choose Tunisia is that the government is trying to increase foreign direct investment. Already it gives excellent tax breaks to foreign investors. But, there is a downside. You’ll only get the exemption if no company in Tunisia produces something similar. The government also limits the VAT charged for importing capital goods.

Market Research in Tunisia

Tunisia is a unique country that is ripe for investment. Want to enter the Tunisian market? Do your Qualitative and Quantitative research. You’ll also need to do Strategy research. Your market research can also involve Focus Groups, Interviews, and Surveys. Our company provides all these services and more. Contact us now, and let’s see how we can work together.