About SIS International Market Research

SIS International Research is a full service Global Market Research and Strategy Consulting firm with over 35 years of industry experience. Headquartered in New York City and with on-the-ground offices worldwide, SIS is uniquely positioned to offer clients in-depth insight into the global marketplace. We deliver the around-the-clock project management and client servicing that is essential in a 24/7 global economy.


Online Focus Groups

Online Focus Groups are virtual online discussions to probe customer behavior and preferences. Online focus groups offer the following advantages:

  • Cost savings with the savings of facilities and food expenses
  • Elimination of travel expenses
  • Savings with the high cost of transcripts
  • Rapid recruitment of respondents Ease of simultaneous translations


Strategy Consulting

SIS International Research is a recognized global leader in Strategy Consulting and Market Intelligence. For over 35 years, we have provided strategic business research to many of the world’s largest and most influential companies.


FinTech Strategy Consulting

We help companies answer their most pressing questions:

  • What are the trends?
  • Which FinTech innovations suit which bank?
  • What FinTech and AI could do for each specific bank?
  • Should your organization develop internally?
  • Which FinTech systems are you missing?
  • How much money should you invest?
  • What is their competitors’ position?

On the Ground Around the World

In our 35 years of experience, SIS has conducted projects in over 120 countries, and we have serviced some of the world’s largest and most influential companies and organizations, including over 70% of the Fortune 500.

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Take Your Industry To The Next Level

Automotive Market Research and Car Clinics


SIS delivers insights to automotive clients with Car Clinics, Qualitative Insights, Quantitative Surveys and Strategy Research.

Construction Market Research


Construction Market Research and Strategy Consulting, providing actionable insights for Decision Makers.

Engineering Market Research


We specialize in Engineer Market Research. Discover how we can boost your profits.

Retail Market Research


Learn more about Retail Market Research and In-Store Insights.

Travel and Tourism Market Research

Travel & Tourism

At SIS, we travel the world conducting the kind of Travel and Tourism Market research that makes customers happy and builds world class brands.

Healthcare Market Research Firm


SIS provides Market Research, data, insight and consulting for the Healthcare Industry.

Industrial Market Research


We provide Industrial Insights, Data, Consulting and Strategy Research.

IT Market Research

Information Technology

The IT field has grown dramatically over the last few years. Market Research uncovers insights into consumers and businesses.