Market Research in Algeria, Africa

Market Research in Algeria, Africa

Key Industries

The leading industries of Algeria are mining, food processing, natural gas, and electricals. Algeria also specializes in light industry and the petrochemical and petroleum industries. Natural gas and petroleum are the dominant industries. They supply one-third of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Algeria’s primary industry before 1962 was agriculture. Then they began extracting and producing hydrocarbons which shifted their industrial focus. The production of hydrocarbons led to the country’s industrialization.

The economy was a planned one for about two decades. It then shifted to privatization, which modified their specialist direction. The standard of living increased. But their food production is below the level required for self-sufficiency.

Algeria has limited arable land. Cultivation only happens in the valleys and coastal plains. These were the areas where the French settlers had their citrus groves, vineyards, market gardens, and orchards.

The country’s lack of moisture in four-fifths of the land is the root cause for the lack of cultivation. Their agricultural land is suitable for pastures. The rest of their cultivated lands are for orchards and vineyards.

Algeria does not have a suitable climate for vast stock raising. Still, sheep, goats, and cattle are present throughout the country. These livestock has made a significant contribution to the traditional agricultural sector.


Algeria is the largest country in the Arab world, and Africa is nothing short of greatness.

Algeria’s location is in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. The Saharan Desert forms part of the country’s interior. Algeria was part of many legendary empires, as evidenced by sites such as the ancient Roman ruins in seaside Tipaza.

Algiers is the capital city and the largest; it is the center for culture politics and economics. Its location is on the slopes of the Sahel Hills. The capital is a large grouping of brilliant white structures overlooking the harbor. The word Algiers means “the island.” Algiers got this name because of the small islands in the bay where it’s located on the Mediterranean Sea coast.

Hydra is one of the wealthiest places in Algeria. It is the home for the main offices of energy and mines and religious affairs. Hydra has the Scuola Italiana Roma di Algeri, a private Italian international school.

The diplomatic community of Ben Aknoun also has foreign schools. The Lycée International Alexandre-Dumas d’Alger, a French school, is in this location. It has the only American international school. It is also the site of the head office of The Algerian Ministry of Finance.

Trends, Consumption, and Trade

Algeria is the European Union’s 28th biggest trade partner. The country has experienced an increase in its standard of living. Its young population has also grown, so there is now a great demand for the local shops to have international brands. Since then there has been an increase in new shopping centers. Their growth market leans toward mall development. Consumer spending has increased with the rise in these shopping centers.

The import of cars in Algeria has increased. The authorities have restricted loans and instituted laws to control the demand.

Strengths in the Market

  1. Algeria’s location is close to the European market.
  2. The tourism, renewable energy, and agricultural sector have great potential.
  3. Algeria is a producer of gas and oil, so there is a market for shale gas development.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in the Market

With a consumer base of 41 million, there is a need for economic diversification. Algeria has sizeable foreign exchange reserves arising from oil and gas and its hydrocarbons industry ranks among the top ten in the world. There is also need for telecommunications systems and an advanced digital economy to provide jobs for its tech-savvy youth. The government requires technology for digital bookkeeping and modernization. There is also need for third-generation technology.

About Market Research in Algeria

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