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Automation in Market Research

Technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning are game changers. They have a growing effect on the way people work in Marketing and Market Research. 

Smart Home Market Research

Smart Home Market Research: Connected devices exist for every corner of the modern home. Smart technologies, connected devices and appliances in the home are revolutionizing how humans live in their homes.

Smart Mobility Market Research

The age of smart mobility is a robust new era in transport, which is being ushered in by new business models inspired by disruptive technologies and the sharing economy.

Smart Manufacturing Market Research

The smart manufacturing market is projected to see substantial growth over the next few years. The main driver of this growth is the increasing need for connected supply chains and knowledge-based manufacturing.

Smart Devices Deutschland: 50€

Wir führen momentan vergütete Forschung im Bereich der „smart devices“ (intelligente Geräte) durch. Wir möchten verstehen wie Sie diese vernetzten Technologien bei Ihnen Zuhause nutzen.