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B2B Research

b2b-researchFormerly known as Strategic Intelligence Systems, SIS has developed an unparalleled global platform in business and competitive intelligence since 1984. We provide clients with many levels of intelligence for complete market insight. SIS is a founding member of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) in 1986. As a leading member in this field, ethics are of paramount concern and we strictly adhere to SCIP’s code of ethics.

We have grown to be known as a global consumer research firm; we are still a premier supplier for many of America’s and the world’s most prestigious management consulting firms and top companies. Our large client list in business-to-business research includes clients in the Fortune 25 and Global 500.

Our B2B research can be conducted in support of primary research methods, or in-depth interviews with competitors, suppliers, distributors, industry leaders/executives, customers, government officials and relevant industry agencies, including trade associations and trade press.

Secondary research, known as literature research, can also derive information from published sources. These materials may include brochures, press releases, published reports, databases, advertising, government filings, news articles, photographs, books, blogs, social networks, journals, letters and memos. For international projects, these searches are conducted within the target countries.

Companies benefit when they understand best practices and competitor movements. Benchmarking is most useful to understand:

  • Pricing differences among competitors
  • Needed improvements within one’s own company
  • Best practices and Best-in-Class companies
  • Competitor movements

B2B research often provides market sizing data, customer insights / segmentation / lists, forecasts, partner sourcing services and feasibility analyses of market entry strategies. Our researchers conduct strategic analysis to turn information into actionable insights. Using insight-driven research, companies can evaluate their entry strategy in context of risks and opportunities, allowing them to confidently select a mode of entry such as Foreign Direct Investment, Licensing, Franchising and Strategic Alliances.

Market Research and Data Collection

SIS offers “Coast to Coast” data collection in the US and other global markets including:

  • Focus groups [NY wholly owned facility with competitive pricing]
  • Mall and street Intercepts
  • Recruiting
  • Ethnographic research – home visits
  • Central location tests [CLT]
  • Home use tests [ HUTS]
  • Car clinics
  • Food – taste  tests
  • Sensory research
  • Eye tracking
  • Telephone surveys
  • Online surveys
  • C-Level interviews

Our Unique Approach

We offer hybrid intelligence for business-to-business research. Market research provides critical insight regarding the “voice of the consumers” and how a company and its products are perceived in the market. Competitive intelligence, in contrast, provides valuable information on their important aspects of the external market environment – emerging and potentially disruptive technologies, political and regulatory developments and competitor activities. When effectively integrated, market research and competitive intelligence provide a powerful management tool for executive decision-making. This future-oriented perspective of analysis will challenge you to evaluate underlying market assumptions, allowing you to plan for, and even simulate, a myriad of future market scenarios. It will also enable you to assess current and future investments, manage risks, provide new ideas on business operations, and improve reaction time to industry developments. Most important, robust complementary CI and MR initiatives will enable your executives to avoid surprise, identify threats, vulnerabilities and opportunities, forecast and anticipate future competitor actions, and out-think the competition.