Companies need to be where their customers and stakeholders are.  More than ever, the web is a crucial point-of-contact between businesses and their stakeholders. In this recession, web surfers are spending sleepless nights surfing the web for entertainment, insights and other content that is meaningful for them. We at SIS International have been monitoring how companies and consumers are focusing on the web. We have innovated solutions to help clients better interact with their customers and realize return on investment in difficult economic times (ROI). Organizations often consider the Internet as a wild frontier where stakeholders have the power to rapidly influence the opinions and behaviors of other web surfers. At the same time, investing in web programs does not always provide returns on investment.

The Stakes are High

The impact of the Web on Businesses can be dramatic. Stakeholders on the web can influence the following:

  • Rises or falls in market share and brand equity
  • Lack of effectiveness in promotional campaigns
  • Declines in satisfaction and performance indicators
  • Strengthening or weakening of campaigns

Challenge for Businesses

  • Businesses need to create interfaces that connect with stakeholders and customers, or else their competitors will.
  • With more companies on the web conveying their messages, companies need to ensure that their investments are effective. This is even more important given the recession, with tight budgets and scarce resources to build and manage web programs.
  • Businesses need to monitor stakeholders’ interaction with your brands to prevent brands from being negatively reframed by stakeholders.
  • Businesses need to ensure the effectiveness of investments, especially with smaller budgets.

Realizing Return on Investment: What is Needed

Companies first need a mechanism to (a) engage and (b) monitor what is being said about them.

In knowing what stakeholders are saying, companies implement mechanisms that meet those needs (e.g. sections on their websites, adjustment of communications)

Companies need metrics and analytics to track their web performance.

Companies need infrastructure to continually meet the rapidly changing

SIS International’s Web Analytics Services and SIS Netnography TM Model

We help companies realize ROI by:

  • Proprietary Web Ethnography Solutions, and other proprietary information techniques by expert researchers
  • Customized solutions
  • Real-time Tracking Metrics and analytics to monitor performance
  • Expert researchers that can go beyond the research implement strategy via the web
  • Web specialists to optimize web programs
  • Global, Multilingual studies