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Review Market Research Strategy

A new trend has arisen with the widespread use of social media for reviews.

It is now one of the main things that influence the buying decisions of consumers. Online reviews carry potent word-of-mouth power. They can attract or drive away potential customers. These customers are taking to search engines and social networks such as Google and Facebook. They’re also looking at business review websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. According to industry research:

  • Almost all consumers use reviews to guide their buying decisions. Most of them say a negative review has convinced them to avoid a business.
  • Consumers expect brands to respond to reviews. About half of them expect businesses to respond within a week.

Analyzing Social Media Reviews

Reviews from sites like Yelp are an essential advertising tool for companies. Social media posts are also influential and can help sway buyers. Our company analyzes social media reviews. We first break it into parts: “very good food,” “great service,” or “the price is right.” We then classify the review parts into topics (food quality, service, price, etc.). After that, we run sentiment analysis on each review part. In that way, we decide whether it’s a negative or a positive comment.

Satisfaction Customer Market Research

Peer Reviewed Market Research

Academics regard peer review as the hallmark of scholarly and scientific literature. In a realm of “alternative facts” and “fake news,” we need to distinguish proper research. We check reviews for integrity, to establish that they are reliable and printable. We also check for ethics, fairness, usefulness, and timeliness.

Data Analysis

When we do data analysis, we find patterns, anomalies, and correlations. Researchers use it to predict outcomes between large data sets. In short, we dig through data to discover hidden connections and predict trends. Speed and processing power have improved over the last decade. It has allowed us to move past tedious, manual, and time-consuming practices. We have entered the age of easy, quick, and automated data analysis.

Satisfaction Customer Reviews Market Research

Review Monitoring

With the right tools, you can keep track of every hashtag and keyword that’s relevant to your business. For example, you might want to know about brand mentions and mentions of your competitors. You might also want to keep abreast of general trends that apply to your industry. Review monitoring helps you to track key social metrics. It also helps you to check things like the social share of voice and brand awareness.

Multilingual Review Analysis

Multilingual social media marketing is another means to reach your target audience. You can use it for consumers around the world. Many people judge a company’s reputation by its number of followers and its reviews on social media. SIS International Research can analyze your existing social media content in different languages. We can also do social media performance reviews and marketing analyses.

Review Market Research Consulting

Review Consulting

Review consulting is about turning dissatisfied customers into happy clients. We’ve seen how social media enables companies to engage their audiences. It also allows them to promote their brands, build consumer loyalty, and more. Social media allows you to hear the voices of your clients. It also allows them to leave reviews of the products and services that they buy. We help you to understand the metrics behind negative reviews. We also show you how to engage those customers to improve their perception of your brand.

Business Review Market Research

Sentiment Analysis and Monitoring

Customers’ emotions don’t have to fall by the wayside. Emotions are the primary consideration in making buying decisions. Enter the domain of Sentiment Analysis. Brands today can render those feelings into actionable business data. Social Sentiment Analysis encourages businesses to seek opportunities for direct engagement with consumers. It lets them take a more proactive approach to social media.

Net Promoter Score Research

Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures customer experience and predicts business growth. We calculate NPS using the answer to a critical question. For example, we might ask, “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to recommend [brand] to a colleague or friend?” We group the respondents as follows:

  • Detractors (Score 0-6). These unhappy customers can harm your brand and hamper growth through contrary word-of-mouth.
  • Passives (Score 7 8). These satisfied but lukewarm customers are susceptible to competitive offerings.
  • Promoters (Score 9 10). These customers are loyal enthusiasts who will keep buying. They fuel growth by referring other customers to your brand.

To get the NPS, we subtract the percentage of Detractors from that of Promoters. We use NPS as the primary measure of your customers’ perception of your brand.

Video Review Market Research

Video Product Reviews Generation

Shoppers want product information that they can trust. Now you can give it to them with the generation of video product reviews. You won’t have to source, curate, host, stream, or even deal with technology. Our certified reviewers are capable and knowledgeable. Their reputations are at stake with every review that they do. Studies show that shoppers trust the opinions of shoppers. Give your visitors what they want and amplify your organic search at the same time.

About Review Market Research

Brands can no longer afford to ignore consumer insights on social media. These platforms have a real-time nature, and the reviews are plentiful. Thus, they are a treasure trove of information. SIS International conducts Qualitative and Quantitative research on online reviews. Your brand can gain a lot by analyzing social media reviews. We, as an independent market research company, use unique methodologies to provide insight. Call us now to schedule a consultation.

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