Case Study Background

A tableware company specialized in ceramic products, with hundreds of years of history, was looking for a rapid entry and growth in the Asian market. The company wanted to quantify the growth opportunity for its stylish tableware product lines in two target countries and identify an actionable go to market strategy. SIS worked with the senior executives to design the best solution for its business goals.


SIS developed a comprehensive tableware market entry feasibility and attractiveness study in two countries in Asia. The project involved in-depth discussions with distributors, retailers and customers. This allowed SIS to gain insights into the trends, growing segments and demand gaps in both local markets.

Asian Market Entry for a Ceramic Tableware Manufacturer

The project phases were as follows:

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with distributors. Gathered intelligence on key distributors, consumer preferred brands and un-met needs, margins, new products performance benchmark
  • Understand trends with the Chinese community in the USA
  • Conducted several interviews with consumers. Quantified market size. Analyzed key consumer profiles and purchasing habits. Defined key segments
  • Provided detailed understanding of competing offerings and pricing
  • Defined best product positioning based on customer preferences and competition intelligence
  • Defined market entry approach. Identified physical distribution channels and route to market.

Asian Market Entry for a Ceramic Tableware Manufacturer

Key Findings

Among the main research findings, SIS found that:

  1. Young married couples are the key buyers of ceramic tableware products while the final buying decision is still made by women
  2. Western-style ceramic tableware is preferred, especially those brands able to deliver a mix of modern yet elegant designs
  3. In both Asian countries foreign-branded and imported tableware account for 60-80% of the total market in 2013. Companies from China and United Kingdom are the main exporters in the selected countries
  4. Consumers’ attitudes toward innovative design and international brands represents a great opportunity for homewares producers from all over the world.