In early 2014 SIS International Research completed an online multi-country Tire Brand Monitor study concentrating on the US, German and Brazilian market.

The client was a German company who worked for a Chinese tire manufacturer. The objective was to conduct a baseline brand monitor in its key target markets which are the US, Germany and Brazil.

The objective of this quantitative study was to gather and analyze data relating to perceptions and expectations of the client’s brand and its competitors, from end-customers who were interested in automotive topics and had a basic level of knowledge about different tire brands in those markets.

The key topics of this quantitative study included:

  • Unaided brand awareness
  • Aided brand awareness
  • Media use and information sources
  • Purchase and quality criteria
  • Brand familiarity
  • Brand image in competitive environment
  • Special knowledge about ‘Green’ Tires (= low rolling resistance tires), tire labeling, etc.
  • Align marketing strategies for growth and advantage


After reviewing the specifications of the project and after analyzing the project objectives in more detail, the client decided, based on SIS recommendations, to conduct this project by making use of computer assisted web interviews (CAWI) online.

The target group was specified as the target population consisting of urban Americans / Germans / Brazilians who owned and maintained a car and made at least one tire replacement decision once in the past 24 months. The sample size was set to 500 interviews per market with a length of interview between 15 and 20 minutes.

After finalizing all project specifications and necessary translations of materials into local languages the SIS team programmed the questionnaire.

As the study needed to be conducted in three different countries, continuous consultation and especially a regularly monitoring were inevitable pillars of the SIS project management. As this project was conducted across three different time zones, SIS had to pay explicit attention to every detail, market characteristics and differences that might occur and influence the final results.

The entire project was supervised by the German office out of Berlin. The German team was responsible for the direct communication with the client as well as the overall logistical implementation of the project. As SIS International Research has conducted many similar projects in the past, SIS was able to solve all upcoming challenges during the run of the project so that in the very end another global quantitative project was successfully completed.

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