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Transform Your Data to Insight

Do you feel your business is missing insight for confident decision making?  Having support from a professional Data & Analytics team can improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

However, setting up an internal Data & Analytics team within your company can be an expensive and challenging task. It can take time for the new team to become productive, deliver results, and generate a Return on Investment (ROI).

Have you considered outsourcing your Data & Analytics department? A professional Data Analytics consultancy like SIS can provide you with cutting-edge analysis, tools, analytics and reports. By outsourcing Data Analysis, you can also receive the required reports rapidly and cost effectively.

Our Value Proposition

At SIS Research, our reports are clear and easy to digest. We have experts who add value with their experience. We gather and analyze your data rapidly. We are your strategic partner for Data Science and Data Analytics.

Data Analytics Outsourcing

We are more cost effective and more specialized than hiring a Data Science Team.

Our Data & Analytics teams know many analytical techniques. We can create insight into all your business processes. With more insight, decision-making becomes more natural and more effective. You can uncover new sources of advantage and find ways to become more profitable.

Our Benefits

  • Cost Effective
  • Specialized
  • Rapid
  • Global
  • Impartial
  • Strategic, actionable advanced reporting
  • Advanced statistical capabilities


At SIS Research, we offer the following solutions:

  • Data Visualization & Tableau. Our tools show your results graphically, which is easy to digest and understand. We can make it according to your requirements and wishes.
  • Regression Analysis shows the relationship between two or more variables. This tool helps you understand how the components in the system relate to each other. It shows the elements that need to improve to create a positive impact on the organization.
  • With Conjoint Analysis, you check how your products and services perform. You also see how your customers perceive them. Conjoint analyzes the different components and features of your products and services. Customers can rate separate parts. This rating will provide valuable information to marketing teams.
  • Predictive Analytics predict future patterns and trends. By analyzing historical data, we can predict future outcomes.
  • Analysis of variance (ANOVA) compares the difference between more than two variables. To be more specific, it examines the variation within groups. It also analyzes the change between groups. ANOVA is a helpful tool to understand more complicated datasets.
  • Montecarlo Analysis allows researchers to run several trials.  We can define all possible outcomes of an event or investment.
  • Data Modeling looks at the concepts you want to track data for, and they become the tables in a database.
  • SQL & Python is another tool for analysis, which gives data scientists many options. This tool makes it easy to process, query, and use data collected.
  • We offer ROA & ROE analysis. ROA stands for Return on Assets, and ROE is Return on Equity.
  • A Deseasonalized Report is where we strip your data of its seasonal patterns.
  • We also offer a Comprehensive Analysis Package. It includes the following: 
    • Box-Analysis
    • Confidence Intervals
    • Outliers Analysis
    • Distribution, Skewness & Kurtosis Analysis
    • Alpha, F-stat, p-value, etc.

Why Data Analytics are Critical

A market research company and data analytics company can provide your business with the above types of analysis, which will create a more in-depth understanding of your company, products, and services. It can also help with your finances, efficiency, and more.

Data & Analytics consulting is low-cost, efficient, and reliable.  It can uncover a deeper understanding of your operations 

A Market Research and Strategy Consulting company like SIS is skilled at Data Analysis and tools.  We can examine the products/services you offer. We can examine the relationships of different components within the business.  We can uncover efficiencies in the decision-making process, and provide actionable data and insight for confident decision making.