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SIS is a leading research & intelligence firm with 30+ years of experience in global market research.

Are you a business leader looking to expand your operations globally? Have you considered the invaluable insights that comprehensive global market research can provide? In today’s interconnected world, understanding global market dynamics is essential for sustainable growth and competitive advantage… That’s why we offer comprehensive global market research services at SIS International to help you gain in-depth insights worldwide.

Global Market Research: What Is It?

Global market research analyzes data to understand market trends, consumer behavior, competitive landscapes, and regulatory environments across various regions worldwide. It provides businesses with actionable insights into new markets, helping them make informed decisions and mitigate risks associated with international expansion.

By leveraging advanced methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, SIS global market research enables organizations to identify opportunities, assess market demand, and develop effective strategies tailored to diverse cultural and economic contexts. In essence, it serves as a strategic tool for businesses seeking to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace and achieve sustainable growth.

… But, Why Do Businesses Need a Global Market Research Firm?

A global market research firm like SIS possesses specialized knowledge, expertise, and resources dedicated to understanding international markets. We have extensive experience in conducting research across diverse regions, languages, and cultures, enabling us to provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations tailored to each market’s unique characteristics.

SIS conducts thorough market analyses, including market sizing, segmentation, competitive, and regulatory assessments. By leveraging advanced research methodologies and data analytics techniques, we uncover hidden opportunities, identify emerging trends, and assess competitive threats, empowering businesses to make informed strategic decisions.

Moreover, outsourcing global market research to specialized firms can be more cost-effective and time-efficient than conducting research in-house. We have the infrastructure, technology, and global network necessary to execute research projects efficiently, delivering high-quality results within stipulated timelines and budget constraints.

Are There Additional Benefits When Hiring a Global Market Research Firm?

Partnering with a global market research firm offers numerous benefits to businesses seeking to expand their operations internationally. Here are some key advantages:

  • In-depth Market Insights: Global market research firms conduct comprehensive analyses of international markets, providing businesses with valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, competitive landscapes, and regulatory environments. These insights enable businesses to make informed decisions and develop effective market entry strategies.
  • Customized Research Solutions: A global market research firm like SIS International offers customized research solutions tailored to each client’s specific needs and objectives. Whether conducting market surveys, competitor analysis, consumer segmentation studies, or regulatory assessments, global research firms design research methodologies to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by businesses operating in diverse markets.
  • Strategic Decision Support: By leveraging the expertise of seasoned market research professionals, businesses gain access to strategic decision support and actionable recommendations. Global market research firms help businesses interpret research findings, identify growth opportunities, assess market risks, and develop strategies to maximize their competitive advantage and drive business growth.
  • Global Network and Resources: Global market research consulting companies have extensive networks of research partners, local experts, and field researchers across different regions worldwide. This enables them to gather primary data, conduct surveys, and validate research findings effectively, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the insights provided to clients.

Questions to Ask Before Engaging in Global Market Research

Before embarking on a global market research initiative, businesses must ask the right questions to ensure the success and effectiveness of their research efforts. Here are some key questions to consider:

  • Market Objectives: What are the specific objectives and goals of the global market research initiative? Clarifying the desired outcomes will help tailor the research approach and methodology to effectively meet the business’s needs.
  • Target Markets: Which global markets will the research focus on? Understanding the target markets’ demographics, consumer preferences, regulatory landscapes, and competitive dynamics is essential for designing relevant research studies.
  • Timeline and Budget: What is the timeline and budget allocated for the global market research initiative? Setting realistic timelines and budgets will help ensure the research project stays on track and within budget constraints.
  • Research Partnerships: Will the business engage with local research partners or leverage the expertise of a global market research firm? Collaborating with experienced research partners can provide access to local insights and resources, enhancing the research’s validity and relevance.

Expected Results from Our Global Market Research

Upon conducting comprehensive global market research, businesses can gain valuable insights and outcomes that can significantly impact their strategic decisions and market performance. Here are some expected results from engaging in our global market research:

In-depth Market Understanding:

Through thorough analysis and data collection across various global markets, businesses can deeply understand market dynamics, consumer behaviors, trends, and competitive landscapes. This understanding provides valuable insights into market opportunities, challenges, and potential risks, enabling businesses to make informed strategic decisions.

Identification of Growth Opportunities:

Global market research helps businesses identify and prioritize growth opportunities in new or existing markets. Our global team helps businesses gain insights into market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor strategies, emerging trends, and niche opportunities to capitalize on.

Enhanced Product Development and Innovation:

Insights gathered from global market research can inform product development and innovation strategies. By understanding consumer needs, preferences, and pain points across different markets, businesses can tailor their products and services to effectively meet diverse market demands. This leads to developing innovative offerings that resonate with target audiences and drive competitive advantage.

Optimized Marketing and Branding Strategies:

A global market research firm like SIS provides valuable insights into effective marketing and branding strategies tailored to specific markets. By understanding cultural nuances, communication preferences, and media consumption habits, businesses can develop targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with local audiences, enhance brand perception, and drive engagement and loyalty.

Improved Return on Investment (ROI):

Our global market research helps businesses optimize their resource allocation and investment decisions, improving ROI. By making data-driven decisions informed by market insights, businesses can allocate resources more efficiently, minimize risks, and maximize opportunities for growth and profitability in global markets.

Regional Insights Considerations

Regional insights provide a comprehensive market landscape view, including cultural nuances, economic conditions, regulatory frameworks, and consumer preferences. In the context of global market research, regional insights enable businesses to tailor their strategies according to specific market conditions, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.

  • Cultural Factors: Cultural differences significantly influence consumer behavior and preferences. Understanding these nuances allows businesses to adapt their products and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Economic Conditions: Economic factors such as GDP growth, income levels, and inflation rates impact consumer spending patterns and market demand. Analyzing regional economic conditions helps businesses identify growth opportunities and potential risks.
  • Regulatory Environment: Regulatory policies vary across regions and can profoundly impact market entry, product development, and advertising strategies. Being aware of regulatory requirements is essential for compliance and mitigating legal risks.
  • Consumer Preferences: Consumer preferences vary from region to region due to lifestyle, demographics, and social norms. By studying regional consumer preferences, businesses can effectively tailor their offerings to meet local needs and preferences.

Global Market Drivers

Market drivers propel growth and create opportunities in the global markets. Understanding these drivers is essential for businesses to capitalize on favorable conditions and navigate the competitive landscape effectively.

• Changing Consumer Preferences: Evolving consumer preferences, influenced by lifestyle changes, demographics, and cultural shifts, drive demand for new products and services. Businesses that stay attuned to these preferences can innovate and tailor offerings to meet changing consumer needs.

• Technological Advancements: Technological innovations, such as AI, IoT, and augmented reality, are reshaping the skincare market by offering personalized solutions, enhancing product efficacy, and improving the customer experience. Companies leveraging these advancements can gain a competitive edge and drive market growth.

• Globalization: The globalization of markets has opened up new opportunities for skincare brands to expand their presence internationally. Emerging markets offer untapped growth potential, while established markets provide product innovation and differentiation opportunities.

Rising Middle Classes

North America has traditionally been the source of most middle-class consumerism. Still, as the 21st century unfolds, Asia will be home to more than nearly half of the middle-class population globally. This presents tremendous opportunities for mid-sized companies willing to evolve and engage in the international marketplace. Most mid-market companies have not taken advantage of the apparent opportunities. Exports account for incredible economic growth in metropolitan areas for mid-size firms willing to explore doing business internationally.

During the worst times of recent recessions, mid-market manufacturers who exported achieved substantial revenue growth while other firms declined or went under altogether.  Exporters of professional services doubled revenues in this same period. Even companies that didn’t export fared better by being trained to adopt an international perspective concerning innovation, R&D, investment, supply chain strategy, staffing, and logistics. Our global market research can help you navigate the marketplace with critical, real-time knowledge and information designed to facilitate your transition from being a domestic business to integrating globally and truly understanding new markets, cultures, and international business practices.


In today’s interconnected world, global market research offers businesses many opportunities to expand their reach, gain insights into new markets, and stay ahead of competitors. By leveraging the capabilities of global market research firms, companies can tap into these opportunities and drive sustainable growth on a global scale. Here are some key opportunities:

Access to Diverse Markets: Global market research enables businesses to access diverse markets worldwide, allowing them to identify untapped opportunities and tailor their strategies to meet the needs of different consumer segments.

Market Expansion and Entry: With insights from global market research, businesses can make informed decisions about expanding into new markets or entering new geographic regions. This allows them to capitalize on emerging trends and growing consumer demand.

Product Innovation and Development: Global market research provides valuable insights into consumer preferences, buying behavior, and market trends, enabling businesses to innovate and develop new products that resonate with target audiences worldwide.

Competitive Intelligence: By analyzing market dynamics and monitoring competitor activities globally, businesses can gain a competitive edge and identify areas where they can differentiate themselves in the market.

Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Through global market research, businesses can identify potential partners, suppliers, and distributors in different regions, facilitating strategic collaborations and alliances to drive growth and expansion.

Challenges of Global Market Research SIS Can Manage

While global market research offers numerous opportunities, it also comes with its own set of challenges that we navigate to ensure successful outcomes for our clients. Here are some key challenges:

Cultural and Linguistic Differences: Conducting research across multiple countries and regions requires businesses to navigate cultural nuances and language barriers, impacting the accuracy and relevance of the insights gathered.

Data Privacy and Compliance: With stringent data privacy regulations worldwide, businesses must ensure compliance with local laws and regulations when collecting and handling consumer data across borders.

Logistical and Operational Complexities: Managing global market research projects involves coordinating activities across different time zones, cultures, and languages, which can pose logistical and operational challenges for businesses.

Cost and Resource Constraints: Undertaking comprehensive global market research projects can be costly and resource-intensive, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises with limited budgets and manpower.

Quality Control and Data Integrity: Ensuring the quality and integrity of research data collected from diverse global markets is essential for generating accurate insights and making informed business decisions.

Industry Attractiveness: SWOT Analysis of the Global Markets

A SWOT analysis is a strategic tool used to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with a particular industry. When applied to global markets, it provides valuable insights into the industry’s overall attractiveness and competitiveness.


  • Market Size and Growth Potential: Global markets offer immense opportunities due to their large size and potential for growth, which are driven by increasing globalization, technological advancements, and shifting consumer preferences.
  • Diversification and Expansion Opportunities: Businesses operating in the global markets can diversify their revenue streams and expand their operations into multiple countries and regions, reducing reliance on any single market and mitigating risks.
  • Access to Talent and Resources: Global markets provide a diverse pool of talent, resources, and expertise from different countries and cultures, enabling businesses to innovate, develop new products, and enhance competitiveness.


  • Regulatory and Compliance Challenges: Operating in multiple countries entails compliance with many regulations, policies, and legal frameworks, which can vary significantly across different regions and pose compliance challenges for businesses.
  • Currency Fluctuations and Economic Uncertainty: Businesses operating in the global markets are exposed to currency fluctuations, economic volatility, and geopolitical risks, which can impact profitability, financial stability, and investment decisions.
  • Cultural and Communication Barriers: Cultural differences, language barriers, and communication challenges can hinder effective collaboration, decision-making, and relationship-building in global markets, leading to misunderstandings and conflicts.


  • Emerging Markets and Untapped Opportunities: Rapid economic growth, urbanization, and rising disposable incomes in emerging markets present lucrative opportunities for businesses to expand their presence and tap into new customer segments.
  • Technological Advancements and Digital Transformation: Technological innovations such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and e-commerce are reshaping global markets, creating new business models, and opening up avenues for growth and innovation.
  • Strategic Partnerships and Alliances: Collaborating with local partners, suppliers, and distributors in global markets can facilitate market entry, accelerate growth, and enhance market penetration, leveraging local expertise and networks.


  • Intense Competition and Market Saturation: Global markets are characterized by intense competition, with numerous players vying for market share, which can lead to price wars, margin pressures, and erosion of profitability for businesses.
  • Political and Geopolitical Risks: Political instability, trade tensions, and geopolitical conflicts pose significant risks to businesses operating in global markets, disrupting supply chains, trade flows, and business operations.
  • Cybersecurity Threats and Data Breaches: With increasing digitization and reliance on technology, businesses face cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and privacy concerns, which can damage reputation, erode consumer trust, and result in financial losses.

How SIS International’s Global Market Research Helps Businesses

SIS International offers comprehensive global market research services tailored to meet the unique needs and challenges of businesses operating in the global marketplace. Here’s how our expertise can benefit your organization:

Reducing Risk:

By conducting in-depth market analysis and risk assessments, we help businesses identify potential risks and challenges associated with global expansion, regulatory compliance, competitive landscape, and geopolitical factors. This enables businesses to make informed decisions and mitigate risks effectively.

Boosting Revenue:

Our global market research services provide valuable insights into emerging trends, consumer preferences, market dynamics, and competitive intelligence, helping businesses identify new market opportunities, target the right customer segments, and develop effective marketing strategies to drive revenue growth.

Saving Money:

Through efficient resource allocation, cost optimization, and ROI analysis, we help businesses optimize their investment decisions, minimize unnecessary expenses, and maximize the return on their market research investment, ultimately saving money and enhancing profitability.

Saving Time:

Our experienced team of researchers, analysts, and consultants leverages advanced research methodologies, data analytics tools, and industry expertise to deliver timely, accurate, and actionable insights, enabling businesses to make quick and informed decisions, accelerate decision-making processes, and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace.

Accelerating Growth and Innovation:

By providing insights into market trends, customer needs, and competitive landscape, we empower businesses to innovate, develop new products and services, enter new markets, and expand their global footprint, driving sustainable growth and fostering innovation.

Boosting ROI:

Our strategic market research and consulting services are designed to deliver tangible results and measurable impact on business performance. We help businesses achieve their growth objectives, enhance operational efficiency, and maximize return on investment in market research initiatives.

SIS International Research will help your business unleash its untapped international potential.  Discover the progress and profitability attainable in thinking globally.  We conduct:

  • Online Insight Communities
  • Focus Groups
  • Customer Interviews and Surveys
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Market Opportunity, Entry & Sizing
  • Translation & Localization

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