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Technology is rapidly disrupting both the education and corporate eLearning industries. Schools, governments, companies, and entrepreneurs alike are all new consumers of Education Technology services and products. To help meet this growing demand, SIS International has launched EdTech Research and Strategy Consulting services.

SIS International – EdTech Market Research and Consulting solutions:

  • Innovation Consulting
    • Ideation and Idea Creation
    • Innovation Workshops
  • Market Research
    • Data Collection & Norming
    • New Product Concept Testing
    • App & Software Usability Testing
  • Strategy Consulting
    • Market Opportunity, Entry & Sizing
    • Go To Market Strategy
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Asia-Pacific Market entry
    • Corporate eLearning Solutions


of Global Market Value by 2020.


Of the global EdTech market will be Asia-Pacific by 2020.


Companies in the EdTech ecosystem.

EdTech is solving education challenges such as the shortage of teachers, quality of education, and geographic issues. This is particularly true in the Asia-Pacific region, which is forecasted to be the largest consumer of EdTech.

SIS has launched new Education Tech solutions to help companies capture new opportunities, such as Adaptive Learning, which dynamically tailors learning priorities and difficulty to the learner’s level.

The company also launched new Education Tech solutions to capture new opportunities such as Adaptive Learning, which tailors learning priorities and difficulty to the learner’s level.

EdTech Market

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SIS already has extensive Market Research experience working in a variety of Education industry sectors. The company has developed core competencies in:

  • Digital Whiteboards & Classroom Hardware solutions
  • Corporate eLearning
  • Educational Testing
  • Education Learning Management System (LMS) platforms

EdTech SIS Services

EdTech SIS Services

Other Services

Education Technology Market Research

Education Technology Market Research

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) Market Research

Learning Management Systems (LMS) Market Research

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SIS International has the resources to help you transform challenges, into opportunities.

Education Technology Market Research | SIS EdTech from SIS International

Ruth Stanat SIS International Market ResearchRuth Stanat, CEO of SIS, says that the challenges faced by EdTech companies are growing. The barriers to entry have lowered and there are providers offering their services for free. Furthermore, learning programs must be up to date, which further increases costs.

And with an increasingly competitive market EdTech companies have started thinking about portfolio or geographical expansion to keep growing their revenue streams!

The SIS Team believes EdTech companies have mastered the technology challenges, but must prove the investments in their solution are worth it, by overcoming the following problems:

  • Free content devaluing Paid content
  • Lack of Interactions with other people
  • Entering the corporate e-learning market
  • Strong offline local competition
  • Short life-time of educating content
  • Limited practical components (e.g. mechanical studies)
  • Expansion: Geographical or Product Portfolio?

EdTech Solutions:

  • Usability Testing
  • New Product Concept Testing
  • Innovation Research
  • Data Collection & Norming
  • Strategy Research