NEW YORK, Feb. 2, 2011—

 The New York City office of SIS International Research celebrated today its 1000th fieldwork rental at its focus group qualitative research facility located in the Flatiron district of Manhattan.

The company, founded in 1984, completed construction on the facility in 2006, capable of accommodating respondents for Consumer, B2B and Medical studies.  The full-service facility, located yards away from the landmark famous Flatiron Building, has two full interviewing rooms and two observation rooms.   It has on-staff recruiters, interviewers, analysts, translators, project managers and report writers.

SIS New York mentioned some have had some memorable experiences at the facility over the past 5 years.

President of SIS International Ruth Stanat remarked: “One TV network shot footage for a TV show in our large room.  I remember another client asked us if we could bring a motorcycle into the facility.  A third memorable experience was when we rearranged the entire room to position beds and medical equipment to simulate an elderly person’s bedroom.”

Andrew Foley, project manager, mentioned that his favorite memory was when a scene from a 2010 Jim Carey movie was filmed a few yards from the facility and a film production crew put artificial snow along the streets in early autumn.

Stanat also noted: “The Focus Group Market has changed so much in the past years, going up and down with the financial crisis.  We have seen an uptick in requests for online methods.  But in many cases many clients still prefer to be face to face and the feeling of being able to observe respondents in-person.”

About SIS 

Founded in 1984, SIS International Research is a global Market Research & Market Intelligence firm providing comprehensive research services and strategic analysis of information. The company has served over 70% of the Fortune 500.