The Do’s and the Don’ts of in Home Usage Tests

In-Home Usage Tests are a tremendous opportunity to give you “first hand customer experience” to determine the following:

  • Customer experience
  • To determine if these are the best products for these customer segments
  • Their attitudes toward the usage of the product
  • Their willingness to pay for your product
  • Their perspective of your product vis-à-vis competitive products

The Do’s of Home Usage Tests [IHUTS]

  • Make sure that the supplier recruits the correct respondents
  • Make sure that all of the products are labeled for the respondents and the supplier catalogues all of the products
  • If the products have to be returned, make sure that the supplier has a legal agreement that the products must be returned to the supplier within a specific timeframe
  • Ensure that respondents also sign an NDA to ensure confidentiality of the products to be tested as these are often new product concepts of new line extensions

The Don’ts of Home Use Tests

  • Do not take on these projects if you do not have enough staff to successfully execute these home use tests.
  • Do not forget your need to quality control the return of the products in addition to the completion of face-to-face interviews and/or online surveys

In Summary

Despite this labor-intensive market research activity, the results of these IHUTS are the “acid test” of consumers’ testing your products with sensory and taste testing.

SIS can help you conduct these IHUTS on a global basis in North America, Latin America, EMEA, the Asia Pacific Region, and in the Middle East.

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