Non-Profit Market Research

SIS is a Global Market Research company.  Explore our past experience.

Non Profit Market Research

Selected Experience:

  • Conducted a study on the value of membership among members and non-members for a major B2B industry association and accreditation body.
  • Conducted survey for a non-profit clinical research association to determine its potential membership in the European markets.
  • Conducted a global survey for a competitive intelligence non-profit organization to determine the market needs assessment for current and potential members
  • Conducted a global positioning study for a US based B2B industry organization.
  • Conducted a large market assessment and competitive assessment in the US medical sector.
  • Conducted focus groups for a real estate non-profit organization to determine how to better meet the needs of their members
  • Conducted a global survey to determine the international market potential for a high end corporate board trade association
  • Conducted an extensive telephone survey of CEOs from mid-size firms to determine the key strategic issues facing the management trade association
  • Conducted a survey for an advertising trade association to determine key topics for their annual conference
  • Conducted a study for travelers from the UK for a Tourism Trade Commission
  • Conducted a study for a prominent government trade association on vendors in industrial sectors.
  • Conducted a study to determine the ability of the state of Florida to track high technology businesses to the state and potential advertising program necessary to attract these businesses
  • Conducted a study to determine the potential of specific bottle packaging products
  • Conducted a major study of the key opportunities and challenges facing small business in America
  • Online survey available to a Chamber of Commerce group’s members around the country
  • Conducted an in-depth study of the project management market in Japan & Korea.
  • Conducted focus group discussion among NGO managers concerning their financial organization.
  • Conducted an international project to research on people’s experiences with the laws and legal institutions of their country.

Sample of Current and Past Clients in the Non-Profit Sector

  • ACRP (Association of Clinical Research Professionals)
  • American Academy of Family Physicians
  • American Management Association
  • American Psychological Association
  • Closure Manufacturers Association
  • Enterprise Florida
  • Florida Board of Tourism
  • French-American Chamber of Commerce
  • HR Certification Institute
  • Project Management Institute
  • Select Real Estate Trade Associations
  • Small Business Trade Association
  • Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals [SCIP]
  • The Conference Board
  • World Justice Project (Rule of Law Index)