Ethnography Market Research Experience

Ethnography Market Research
  • Conducted dozens of consumer home visit studies on home electronics and appliances in the NYC metro area.
  • Recruited IT decision maker executives for ethnography study in their office setting.
  • Conducted in-office ethnography among hospital administrators nationwide USA.
  • Conducted low-incidence office visit ethnography among decision-makers who decide on office furniture procurement.
  • Recruited ethnography study for US consumers to profile their living habits in their homes – consumers had to agree to be video taped in their home setting.
  • Recruited and interviewed owners of washing machines to watch their behavior of using washing machines in their homes.
  • Conducted low incidence office visit ethnographic interviews among many hospitality and education professionals about their attitudes and behaviors in renovation and new construction.
  • Recruited people who have high cholesterol and use drugs to treat their condition, professionals involved in cholesterol and heart health issues and those who lead extreme or analogous lifestyles governed by routine and ritual for an ethnography study about lifestyle, health and wellbeing.  This study was conducted in Houston, Seattle, and St. Louis.
  • Recruited bagless vacuum cleaner owners to watch their vacuuming and cleaning behavior in their homes
  • Conducted many home visits with people who own front-loading washing machines and French-door style refrigerators
  • Conducted the recruitment of ethnography studies for a leading advertising firm
  • Conducted home visits to gain insight in the beer drinking habits, attitudes towards home beer drinking and draft beer
  • Conducted in-office visits / depth interviews with medical professionals in Boston and New York.
  • Conducted one-on-one interviews, focus groups, ethnographic interviews among drivers in a parking assistance technology study in the NYC metro area.
  • Conducted patient ethnographic interviews with Alzheimer’s care takers.
  • Conducted a major household electronics concept study for a global manufacturer via home visits in several US cities.  The challenge was that there were strict recruitment criteria, re-recruitment requirements to reschedule consecutive home visits and schedules.