Industrial Market Research Company

SIS is a leading Industrial Market and Strategy Research company.

Industrial Market Research Expertise

Air Treatment Products

  • Evaluation of air treatment products in France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the UK, including market size, segmentation, prices, and distribution.
  • Conducted market intelligence study on air conditioner, water heaters, and gas furnaces in Latin America.

Appliances, Lighting, and Electrical Products

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with directors and officers in charge of procurement and supply chain logistics for manufacturers and distributors of appliances, lighting, and electrical components. Countries studied: Argentina, Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, and Taiwan
  • Market study for defense electrical products in the US
  • Conducted study on alarms systems business in Spain and France

Electronic Components

  • Acquisition study for a British-based electronic components manufacturer, evaluating which candidates represented a strategic fit with the company’s existing interests in the US and could facilitate the company’s entry into emerging markets
  • Conducted interviews with Consultants, Contractors and End-Users in the United States, Saudi Arabia and China in order to get an impression of the opinion, attitude and perception towards the clients’ and competitors’ products


  • Competitive Intelligence Study of two engineering firms in Thailand
  • Conducted Interviews in Europe among engineers and maintenance concerning pressure relief valves
  • Conducted a study regarding equipment controllers
  • Conducted a CATI and research study regarding industrial robots

Industrial Competitive Intelligence Studies

  • Competitive Intelligence profile of a major engine manufacturer’s activities in Thailand
  • Create company profile of a leading manufacturer of industrial products
  • Competitive Intelligence Study of microwave competitors in the UK
  • Evaluation of a company’s capability to competitively produce ash removal systems
  • Competitive Intelligence study of hydrometers in Germany

Motors and Drives

  • Market size, segmentation, and pricing study of the Motors and Drives market in Mexico and in Venezuela
  • Assessment of the Motors and Drives market in Mexico
  • Conducted a research study concerning transmission assembling in Malaysia


  • Customer satisfaction survey of users of Sensormatic equipment in Europe, Latin America, and Asia
  • Conducted a large parking sensor study in the NYC metro area, involving complex logistical setup, fieldwork execution, test driving and equipment handling

Technology Applications

  • Conducted telephone interviews for a brand awareness tracking study for a global manufacturer of a multi-purpose power tool in Australia, Chile, and Argentina
  • Manufacturing market study analyzing a factory monitoring system that evaluates a foreign manufacturer on multiple safety issues
  • Quantitative study of interviews with engineers in Japan and Taiwan to determine their usage of technical products

Tool Industry

  • Monitored over 32 companies’ competitive effectiveness to analyze the Tool industry in the US market
  • Conducted machine tools study in the United States using secondary research and expert interviews
  • Conducted market reports for major South Korean tool manufacturers


  • In-depth assessment of the Transportation industry: overall strategic direction of the industry, company profiles, use of information technology and systems
  • Competitive assessment of technology usage in the automotive and trucking industries
  • Conducted a supply chain and transportation study in Europe and Japan

Water Filtration Systems

  • Conducted focus groups in the US, Brazil, Italy, France, and Japan to determine consumer attitudes toward a new hot water system
  • Comprehensive evaluation of water filtration systems in Europe and in Asia, assessing technology, competitors, and potential opportunities

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