Market Research in Dominica

The Commonwealth of Dominica, located in the Caribbean, is a small island nation.

Market Research in Dominica

Key Industries

Agriculture is the primary sector on the island, and it adds the most to the GDP of the country. Many residents engage in farming. The industry employs almost half of the people. The major cash crop in the late 1980s was banana. This crop made up more than half of the island’s total exports. But, the crop lost favor over time. This decline was due to many hurricanes and storms which destroyed the fields. The country has since assumed many projects to revamp this sector.

Tourism is another primary sector. The island is famous for its eco-tourism. Its natural beauty attracts many tourists. Visitors can hike and watch wildlife. They can also explore landscapes on the island, including its many waterfalls, hot springs, and rainforests.


Due to its small size, there are no actual cities on the island.

The capital is the town of Roseau in the parish of Saint George. It is the oldest town on the island. It lies on the site of an old Kalinago village named Sairi. The town has many houses and concrete structures. There is little green open space. But, the town’s central Botanical Gardens is a tourist attraction. It is also known for the Roseau River, which flows through the capital. This feature is rare in the islands.

The second largest town is Portsmouth, in the parish of Saint John. It lies on the Indian River. It was the capital of the island in 1760. But, due to a malaria outbreak, this changed. It is home to the island’s largest sporting venue.


The country is shifting from agriculture to tourism. It promotes itself as an eco-tourism haven. But the island is still getting over the effects of Hurricane Maria, which hit in 2017. Maria destroyed much of the agricultural produce. It also wrecked the road network and damaged almost all the country’s buildings.

The economy is trending downwards as the country’s fiscal health declines. The cost of rebuilding after Maria continues to strain public resources. The government is trying hard to revive the economy. It is attempting to enter the financial services market. So far, a small number of banks and other companies have signed up. The entry cost is now lower and it’s easier to register. These measures, they hope, will attract more companies.

Benefits and Strengths in the Dominican Market

The island has vast natural resources. There are very good prospects for growth in agriculture. For example, rice farming can work on this island. There is always a demand for rice. The rich land can help boost the harvest. The risk factor is disasters such as Hurricane Maria, which have stunted any growth in the sector.

The island can also expand its tourism reach. Its tourism product is different from that of most islands. The difference is its eco-based approach.

Due to its volcanic nature, there is room for growth in the energy sector. Geothermal energy is one of the primary sources which the country plans to develop. Companies with the technical know-how to execute energy projects can benefit.

Consumer Base

The consumer base in Dominica depends on imports, including food. The country’s small population makes it hard to produce enough food. The people cannot grow enough to sustain themselves. This dependence began in 1986 when the number of people living on the island started to decline. Dominica imports more than half its food, leading consumers to a Western diet. Thus, people are prone to Western health issues such as diabetes.

Reasons to Grow Your Business in this Market

The island presents a great opportunity for many businesses. Openings include coffee production, food processing, and tourism.

The coffee business has a large market on the island. It has strong local demand. Dominica is also moving to step up the production of its Arabica coffee beans. The Venezuelan government recently funded the construction of a coffee processing plant in Portsmouth in the north of the island.

Food security is also a big issue which the country is seeking to address. As a result, companies in the food business stand to benefit.

The island continues to grow as a tourist spot due to the unique experience provided here. Thus, businesses that enter this industry will also benefit.

About Market Research in Dominica

Quantitative, Qualitative, and Strategy Research is crucial. Several methods exist, including Interviews, Focus Groups, and Surveys. Companies should do these checks before entering the market to deduce the best market entry strategy. It is also essential to visit the country to find opportunities. It helps to tour the island, visit business sites, and conduct online research. A physical visit will help inform the market research.

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