SIS Sales Strategies

Sales Strategies Solutions to help companies boost sales and performance

SIS Sales Strategies Consulting

Sales and Marketing are critical

  • Many industries are seeing increased competition with local and global competitors

  • Customers have much choice and access to product information

  • Marketing effectiveness is crucial in product performance

  • Customer experience, engagement and loyalty can help build strong brands and strategic advantages

  • Marketing mistakes can be costly

Sales and marketing expertise can help organizations boost sales, efficiently allocate resources and prioritize their activities.  Tactical and strategic marketing can help develop and implement meaningful messaging specific to profitable target segments.  Strategically, sales and marketing expertise can help organizations to gain a Return on Investment (ROI) and achieve a Competitive Advantage through Cost leadership or Product Differentiation.

For these reasons, we launched SIS Sales Solutions, our new practice for global manufacturing and service firms.

Sales Consulting Solutions to help companies boost sales and performance

SIS Sales Strategies Group combines our 40+ years of expertise in Market Research Data Collection and Market Intelligence practice to help companies influence sales and implement strategies.

Research + Intelligence + Sales Solutions = A Powerful Combination

SIS integrates Market Research, Strategy Research and Consulting for clients, allowing our clients to understand findings from market research and implement strong courses of action.

  • Market research reveals key insights about customers, innovation, products and services

  • Market Intelligence identifies market opportunities and threats from competitors’ products, services and marketing strategies.

  • SIS Sales Strategies focus on formulating, launching and implementing strategies to drive sales and boost performance

SIS Sales Strategies helps companies to make decisions and implement recommendations from the research.  These consultative services, combined with our Market Research & Intelligence capabilities, provide companies with:

  • Brand & market plan development — “The BRAND PLAN

  • Channel Effectiveness

  • Competitive Intelligence

  • Customer Acquisition & Retention

  • Customer Insights

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Geographic and Site Feasibility placements

  • Promotion services consulting

  • Usability & Design Consulting

SIS Sales Strategies helps organizations achieve the following objectives:

  • Identifying target segments & drivers to purchase
  • Optimizing pricing, benefits, and cost to meet customer needs
  • Diagnosing the key factors of stagnant, sluggish or declining sales
  • Identifying new channels appropriate for Target Segment
  • Identifying and outreach to new distribution channels
  • Driving sales through a variety of touchpoints such as In-Store and Online marketing, Promotions, Events, Social Media, PR, Advertising, Direct Marketing, Kiosk, etc.
  • Designing or repositioning of brands and products to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Creating unique brand identity and effective messaging and naming
  • Leveraging brand assets such as Product quality and “Country of Origin” effect
  • Assessing the competitive landscape and unmet customer needs
  • Building Customer Loyalty and Customer Experience
  • Delivering sales new sales strategies on a local, regional and global basis
  • Developing messaging, materials and in-store experience aligned with customer desires and needs
  • Optimizing Product, Packaging, Price, Positioning and Promotion to meet customer needs
  • Targeting customer segments to build profitable customer relationships
  • Delivering insights to increase sales in “untapped markets”
  • Evaluating Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Monitoring Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Forecasting product and sales performance
  • Applying advanced analytical tools to monitor and track your sales going forward
  • Identifying strengths and areas of opportunity to put a company in a favorable or superior business position

How SIS Sales Strategies has helped companies:

  • B2B: Recruiting C-Level executives to participate in CEO forums

  • Consumer goods: Launching new messaging to appeal to new segments

  • Cosmetics: Hiring cosmetics artists to demonstrate customer product usage to sales executives

  • Education: Conducting Location Feasibility assessments of University campuses and developing strategies to attract students

  • Retail: Retooling the design of stores to drive sales during the holiday season

Ruth Stanat, President of SIS International Research, explains,

“This is a valuable service offering focused on impacting sales. SIS Sales Strategies helps companies to launch market strategies to boost sales. Our approach integrates information from a wide range of sources and research methods to help companies implement tactical strategies and drive sales.  With over 40+ years’ in strategic market research and corporate intelligence, SIS is a trusted partner as you seek sales growth and performance.”

We look forward to hearing from you.  For more information contact on our consulting services, please contact Ruth Stanat, President of SIS International Research at [email protected] and +1 212 505 6805