Expert Procurement Solutions

Expert Procurement Solutions

SIS Global Growth provides businesses access to experts, analysts, consultants, opinion leaders and thought-leaders for corporate growth, management, change, and strategy. Technical expertise, best practices and specialized experts are often unique competitive advantages for companies. Businesses can encounter challenges that fall outside their traditional purview. SIS Global Growth provides to our clients a global platform of rapidly accessible experts, analysts, consultants and thought-leaders with highly specialized expertise and skill sets. With SIS Global Growth Strategic Sourcing and Procurement solutions, companies gain advantage in accessing industry experts and consultants worldwide.

Expert Procurement and Industry Analysts on Demand

SIS connects your organization with experts around the world who can:

  • Consult on operations, sales, marketing, department development, management, competitive strategy, new product development, supply chain and other business functions.

  • Advise on industry changes and trends

  • Initiate strategies for entering new markets

  • Manage strategic initiatives and projects

  • Support process and product development changes

  • Implement best practices

  • Inspire innovation and new thinking

  • Provide strategic analysis

  • Address organizational problems

  • Address issues such as productivity and profitability

  • Support personnel in making informed and timely decisions

Global Key Opinion Leader Procurement Solutions

SIS provides a global network of experts distinguished by their influence and profile in their respective industry, professional expertise, published books, white papers and thought leadership. These thought leaders are established in a specific field and have industry-specific expertise.

Sample Experts:

  • Professional Leaders: C-Level – Industry leaders – Decision Makers – Corporate alumni – Market Entry experts

  • Technical Leaders: Attorneys – Engineers – Project Managers – Designers – Physicians – Administrators – Hydrologists – Oil and Gas Experts – Import / Export Exports – IT experts

  • Software developers – Forensics experts

  • Thought Leaders: Authors – Writers – Online influencers – Activists

  • Bloggers – Group Leaders – Community Leaders

  • Media Professionals — Journalists, Film Producers and Directors, and Media Executives

Benefits of SIS Global Growth Strategic Sourcing and Procurement:

  • Procurement of the highest quality experts worldwide

  • 30+ years’ experience serving many of the world’s leading organizations

  • Strict quality procedures and oversight

  • Ability to assemble high performance teams of experts

  • Rapid response