Emerging Markets Strategy Consulting

Emerging Markets Strategy Consulting

SIS Global Growth provides emerging markets strategy consulting and business support solutions worldwide, including growth solutions, problem solving, research, implementation support, management, development and training solutions. Emerging markets have developed into a key engine of global growth and competitive advantage. In many of these markets, Emerging Markets present a myriad of opportunities and challenges influencing growth, strategy, operations, vision, execution, organizational development, management, regulatory issues and beyond. For 30 years SIS International with our leading market research and consulting units have been at the cutting edge of emerging markets strategy consulting.

SIS Global Growth supports companies to address functional issues that organizations face in emerging markets, such as:

  • Which countries will be best poised for growth and stability? Where is the “white space” and areas of corporate growth and opportunity? How do we manage sustainable growth?

  • How will trends, customer taste changes, evolving markets and culture impact the growth horizon?

  • How can we leverage our strengths for opportunity? How can we improve our organization and processes?

  • How can we address, resolve or mitigate critical problems on-the-ground?

  • How do we resolve regulatory, logistics, financial, supply chain, taxation, gray trade or counter-trade problems?

  • What impact will cost pressures and factors such as taxation, currency and regulation have on cash flow?

  • Is the local infrastructure hospitable for commercial activity?

  • Will the political, economic, and social circumstances in this country potentially pose a threat to the success and viability of growth?

SIS Global Growth consultants work across a variety of functional disciplines, such as: Growth, Strategy, Operations, Logistics, Supply Chain, Corporate Social Responsibility, Intellectual property, and the entire market landscape. Key solutions include:

  • Market research & tracking

  • Growth solutions

  • Problem solving & market troubleshooting

  • Risk management

  • Countertrade mitigation

  • Business formation support

  • Project management

  • Due Diligence

  • Management consulting

  • Training

Key Emerging Markets we serve and have extensive experience in serving include BRIC countries, Brazil, Russia, India, China, Indonesia, Sub-saharan Africa, Eastern Europe, Mexico and many others. A list of the markets we cover is in available on this website.

Talent Management Consulting

For many businesses, acquiring and retaining new talent is a strategic imperative for company-wide growth and global corporate competitiveness. Linking talent management with a company’s vision and strategy, SIS Global Growth provides customized solutions to retain HR assets and attracting new ones. Delivering analytics, diagnostics and consulting, SIS Global Growth addresses the following strategic organizational priorities:

  • Attracting new skilled assets

  • Retaining existing talented assets

  • Executive training

  • Utilizing high performers

  • Hiring assessment technology (e.g. mobile assessments)

  • Hiring assessment technology (e.g. mobile assessments)

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

  • Addressing mobility, compensation and incentives

  • Succession planning and workplace planning

Site Feasibility & Management

Site selection is an in-depth solution we provide process of weighing various factors concerning the selection of facilities or locations for plants, offices, factories, schools, restaurants, stores and beyond. Many aspects of each potential location must be carefully considered, including: proximity to lucrative markets, resources and suppliers, availability of labor, wage levels, proximity to customers, cost benefit, regulatory constraints, geodemographics and trends within regional economics.