SIS unveiled its innovative platform called “SIS Data Science.”

This will allow us to use Data Science, Advanced Analytics and Data Visualization with our worldwide panels more efficiently and accurately than ever before. The new platform achieves greater scale, cost efficiencies and live analysis as well as more advanced tools such as tailored-visualization & forecasting.


  • Global Scale — the ability to reach more people, across the globe
  • Cost & Time Efficient Recruitment & Surveys
  • Advanced Survey Programming capabilities
  • Access to Consumer, B2B, Healthcare & Industrial Respondents
  • Data Science & Visualization capabilities

Our Data Science Group and Quantitative Analytics provides the following solutions:

  • Panels in the USA and around the world
  • Panel Recruitment
  • Large-Scale Quantitative Surveys
  • Surveys with Hard-to-Reach audiences
  • Data Visualization
  • Online Communities
  • Polls

Our Full-Service Research and Strategy Offering includes the following solutions:

  • Market Research Respondent Recruitment
  • Multi-country Research
  • Focus Groups, Brand Workshops & Surveys
  • Mobile, Home & Office Customer Interviews
  • UX Testing
  • Market Intelligence and Competitive Analysis
  • Strategy Research and Consulting
  • Marketing Consulting

Ruth Stanat SIS International Market ResearchRuth Stanat, CEO of SIS International Research, said, “With over 40+ years of global knowledge, panels and data, we are using the newest technology to deliver rapid, cost-efficient Fieldwork and Data Collection.  We now provide greater reach, access and precision.”

About SIS International Research Inc.

SIS International Research is a leading global full-service Market Research & Strategic Market Intelligence firm providing comprehensive market research solutions in China, Asia, the Americas, Europe and worldwide. The company provides Qualitative Research, Quantitative Data Collection, Market Intelligence, Competitive Analysis and Strategy Research.

Headquartered in New York City and founded in 1984, the company has key offices in London, Miami, Los Angeles, and Shanghai. Our coverage is Nationwide US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and we serve over 50 industries. SIS offers many other innovative products and services for our client’s decision-making.