NEW YORK, May 20// SIS International Research announced today the launch of its company data services in China.
The company described the customized service as a database of Chinese buyers, sellers and transaction data.  Clients request industry segments and individual specific target companies in China.  SIS provides 2 different sets of transaction data. One data set contains selling data and the target company’s names.  The other is purchasing data which contains the target companies’ supplier names and transaction data.
President of SIS International, Ruth Stanat, commented on the launch in New York: “Since the recession, we have noticed many more of our clients requesting this information.  What was most important to them was the timeliness, affordability and accuracy of business data.  This is important in an emerging market known for information transparency issues.”

The data service was added to the company’s market intelligence practice, which has provided since 1984 market, competitive and business data for strategic decision making.

Stanat also commented: “Getting accurate business data in China has troubled exporters, executives and researchers for decades.  Because of our clients’ requests, we developed a data solution for conducting meaningful market intelligence in China.  This new data service provides executives with accurate, timely and cost-effective data.”