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Education Testing Market Research

sis approach education research

Education research requires expertise in a wide range of methods. Moreover, education research requires an in-depth understanding of the demographics, ethnicities, age groups and the expected outcomes and deliverables of the research.

SIS International Research has been conducting educational research for the past 30 years in North America [US and Canada], Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Our approach to education research is as follows:

  • Educational Testing: we recommend both offline and online testing for new educational tests
  • Educational Software New Product Concept Tests: we recommend to do In-depth one-on-one interviews for usability testing in addition focus groups of children in the same age groups
  • Teachers: we recommend in-depth interviews and also focus groups for new educational testing products
  • Clinical and psychological tests: we recommend online and offline methods for educational testing
  • Test and Re-test methods: these methods are best conducted offline
  • Validity studies: these studies are best “triangulated” with the students, the parents and the clinicians

Most important, the “gap” between generation Z [age 2 – 18 years] and the milleaneals [age 18 – 34] is a “wide gap” in view of the technology that has been applied to educational testing products.

For more information on our educational testing methods contact Ruth Stanat at Research@sisinternational.com
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