Education Testing Market Research

Educational Testing Market Research

SIS is a leader in Educational Testing Market Research.  We are one of the largest providers of Research Solutions in the United States, and have served many of the world’s largest Educational Testing companies in the world.

About Educational Testing Market Research

We serve Testing Companies with the following solutions:

  • Norming Data Collection
  • Attitudes and Opinions towards Exams
  • Surveys with teachers, students, parents, school districts and institutions
  • Pricing, Tuition and Fee Research
  • Education Technology Market Research
  • Millennial Market Research
  • Executive Education Market Research

Educational Testing Market Research Methods

  • Educational Testing: we recommend both offline and online testing for new educational tests
  • Educational Software New Product Concept Tests: we recommend to do In-depth one-on-one interviews for usability testing in addition focus groups of children in the same age groups
  • Teachers: we recommend in-depth interviews and also focus groups for new educational testing products
  • Clinical and psychological tests: we recommend online and offline methods for educational testing
  • Test and Re-test methods: these methods are best conducted offline
  • Validity studies: these studies are best “triangulated” with the students, the parents and the clinicians

Most important, the “gap” between generation Z [age 2 – 18 years] and the Millennials [age 18 – 34] is a wide in terms of the technology that has been applied to Educational Testing products.  We reduce the gap and provide insights to boost your strategic performance.