Loyalty Market Research can be important for any organization’s success.

Consumer loyalty is a relationship of trust between an organization and its customers.  Loyal customers can lead to profitability and can be important stakeholders for any successful organization.  Loyalty programs often offer perks and rewards and aim to retain customers.  In this competitive environment, loyal customers can play an important role in an organization’s success.

Marketers often want to:

  • attract the right customers
  • get them to buy
  • encourage them to buy often
  • bring new clients.

Communicating with customers via email, phone, and print correspondence may demonstrate an organization’s appreciation of its consumers.  Information regarding sales offers, discount packages, and sales may provide clients with opportunities to purchase more.  These special offers may proliferate among consumer groups and may furnish a company with more customers.

Organizations may adopt various loyalty strategies.  Organizations may develop unique product offerings for each customer.  The Internet can enhance a company’s ability to engage in this form of personalized marketing.  Online stores may allow customers to fill in their personal data with an option to highlight their interest in specific products and services.  Retail stores may compile this data through manual forms.  Organizations may thus analyze the shopping patterns of their clients and extract their personal interest items.

Rewarding customers may be a significant step toward earning their loyalty.

Globalization may tighten competition within a market.  The presence of many competitors in a market may make it more difficult to earn customers’ loyalty and gain competitive advantage.  Rewards may encourage regular customers to become loyal customers.  These rewards may demonstrate to customers that the company really does appreciate their business.  It is these loyal customers that may become a significant asset for the company.

Employee Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty may be influenced by the behavior of a company’s employees.  A friendly and welcoming attitude and efficient customer service on the part of employees may be ways to earn consumer loyalty.  Loyal employees may influence loyal customers.  Company policy may encourage employee satisfaction and thus may encourage these same employees to become more adept at meeting the needs its consumers.

Policies that may motivate employees include attractive job packages, compensation, and incentives.  Employee motivation may intrinsic as well as extrinsic.  Intrinsic motivation may come from prestigious designations and job titles, whereas extrinsic motivation may come from high salaries, great compensation packages, and flexible working hours.


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