Skin Care Market Research

Skin Care Market Research Strategy

The cosmetics and skincare industry is a global industry embracing fast-changing trends, emerging product ingredients and evolving customer expectations.

The cosmetic and skincare industry is experiencing rapid growth and change due to the penetration of products which, once specific to certain age groups, are now in demand for every age whether female or male.

Understanding evolving customer needs

New technologies have surfaced.  Customer are able to measure their skin needs and track changes on their phone apps.   They are able to customize their products and their make-up using small devices that create customized color make-ups while determining what products they need to take care of the health of their skin.   Customers are more engaged in this process and eager to try these new products.

Our research answers the question of why.

After conducting numerous product tests, fragrance tests, electronic skin device tests, app testing , and packaging design studies, companies gain insights to make decisions on products, price and positioning.   Companies use these findings and promote their innovations to customers digitally.  Online and exclusive website information made available to customers who are now members of an exclusive club often receive an unlimited amount of information about new products by a brand on their mobile device.

Ask the right questions

Market research can answer questions for the client product development and internal needs.

For companies that are conducting studies to improve a product or develop a product our mission is to work closely with our client to understand where they are in the development process or if changes need to me made to an existing product.

The data that we collect during this process; (whether it is home usage tests or facility testing and interviews) ,  that process will determine what direction or corrections are made to insure their product remains competitive.

Interpreting behavior and attitudes

Since products are tested on a multi-country level, we are able to gather data from various cultures to determine differences and better understand participant needs and price points for sales once the product is ready for purchase.  The participant is the customer we are aiming to keep.

Culture can impact the fieldwork process.   Skin tones, cultural requirements for different types of skin tones and economic levels for purchasing can differ dramatically from culture-to-culture.

Education and income also impact the outcome of testing.  Our tests meet strict criteria determined by our client whether it be ethnic background, income levels which would indicate the amount of disposable income a participant may have who purchases these products.

Managing expectations

Any change during the fieldwork process or if a participant does not fully respond to questionnaires or follow instructions for product usage will affect results.  We use every possible precaution to insure that the process during the research meets the client expectation along with having the appropriate number of additional participants should someone drop out or we eliminate them.

Project managers monitor every phase of the study to insure that quotas are met and that the participant fully understands the process of the test.  Participants meet with the client after testing and include their own personal products so that the client can see the buying behavior of the participant.

Sensory and Packaging Insights

As we deep further into the research, we can determine why a product that sells in the store may not necessarily sell on line.    Digging deeper we use sensory testing and packaging design.   Products on line may not show the full package nor is the participant able to get a true sense of a crystal jar verses a plastic one.

Fragrances are tested during client meetings with the participants who use subliminal feelings to describe the effects of the product.    All of these factors equal a quality product that our client is striving for and price point finalized by the client to remain competitive.

Product Placement and Retail Store Design

The packaging and the product container have been developed and approved and the product is ready to be placed either in a store exclusive to the brand or in a department store where each brand is designated to attract those who are walking into an exclusive cosmetics and skin care area.

What will attract that customer?   Brand loyalty?  A new and innovative product introduced on line and advertised?  Lighting and sampling of new products combined with an  in store event , exclusive to the brand ? A unique store design which attracts and pulls in a new client?   Our research includes, store design, store mapping, customer awareness and purchasing practices supported by data.   Our in depths studies have provided new ways to shop and purchase cosmetic and skin care products.

About Skincare Research and Testing

SIS International Research is a leading global market research firm for over 30 years and we have perfected our skills in the cosmetic market for testing products and now the components that surround the cosmetic industry.

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