Pet Care Market Research


People spend an increasing amount of discretionary income on their pets.

The pet care industry is booming but it is an extremely competitive market, saturated with new entries that must now go toe-to-toe with big box stores and rising ecommerce competitors which have entered the market.

Pet-oriented businesses are employing increasingly sophisticated methods to gain an edge over the competition, including social media, apps, targeted sales strategies, new ingredients, mobile technologies and more.

As the global population ages and single-member households increase, people turn to animals for companionship and for the proven health benefits pets provide (stress relief, lower blood pressure). More people around the world are buying pets – dogs, cats, fish, birds, spiders, snakes, horses – evidently we can’t get enough of our furry and feathered friends.

The avenues of potential profit are numerous within the pet care industry, including – grooming, obedience training, kennels, premium products, nutrition, vet care, digital monitoring, pet healthcare, pharmaceuticals, pet clothing, weight management, day care, and pet insurance.

About Pet Care Market Research

SIS International Research monitors near-term and long-range pet care market trends, assisting pet care-related businesses in formulating effective marketing strategies. Our focus groups, quantitative and qualitative studies, online surveys, intercepts, and global market analysis efforts provide invaluable data and insight into the evolving pet care market, and into the minds of your customers. Additionally, our market intelligence campaigns reveal information that can offer our clients a decided competitive edge. Let SIS meet and exceed your marketing research needs. We’ll make you our pet project.

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