Patient Journey Market Research

Patient Journey Market Research

The Patient Journey uncovers all the touchpoints that patients undergo in finding new treatments

Patients more than ever have information and options at their fingertips.  With access to knowledge and alternatives, it’s important for Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies to understand patients.

Finding out what they want is also a vital element of marketing. These efforts are, in pharmaceuticals, embodied in the patient journey and embedded in market research. They are now more critical than ever.

It’s not enough that pharmaceutical companies conduct patient journey market research. They need to incorporate all elements of the marketing process into that research. They must develop methods that can create a real competitive advantage.

Patient Journey Mapping

Most Americans use at least one prescription drug. More than half take two. Yet, the makers of these lifesaving drugs have minimal contact with patients. These patients depend on providers for guidance on how to use the therapies and medicines. They often have little or no information about who is making it possible for them to recover from their various illnesses. The question now is, can pharmaceutical firms enter this ring of trust? Can they be elements of the patient journey? The answer is a resounding yes.

Innovation Market Research

Market research is of tremendous benefit to innovators at pharmaceutical companies. A patient journey map lays out these benefits in a visual format, describing the typical routes consumers take from the start. It shows how they seek to improve their health outcomes as they do the tasks that denote the significant steps in the journey. It describes the different phases of care, starting with the onset of symptoms. It then goes to when the doctor diagnoses the patient, then to therapy, and it ends with either full recovery or adapting to a new way of living.

The journey includes stories on a patient’s path. It emphasizes their most significant issues with caretakers, doctors, and medications. It also seeks their opinion on the health system in general. Brands will know the views of consumers thanks to empowerment programs. This knowledge enables them to look at and improve patient outcomes. Using patient journeys for pharma marketing enhances communication. All parties involved in the process, from patients to pharma brands, have a say. It also takes the opinions of providers, loved ones, and sales reps, into consideration.


Today’s medical environment is patient centric. A rough view of the journey is critical to life sciences commercialization. It informs everything from product development to market access and post-launch management. Yet, researchers often conduct patient journey efforts in a disjointed manner. Different teams often use various data sources and methods. This approach robs companies of a more comprehensive view. They can’t see the drivers and obstacles impacting their brands.

Understanding the Patient Journey

The patient journey is changing and becoming more complex as patients become more educated and engaged. They have access to information. They also want to be part of any decisions about their treatment programs. It’s easy to see the importance of a thorough understanding of the patient journey. This understanding allows pharma marketers to know where the roadblocks are. It helps them decide what they can do to remove them.

Managing the Patient Journey

Offline media remains essential. Yet, Pharma companies are shifting advertising and marketing dollars to digital outlets. These companies need to offer a consistent brand experience across all channels. A consistent experience across virtual and physical channels promotes customer delight. Plus, it does so across the different means by which they encounter the brand. Also, improving customer experiences across all patient populations is critical. It helps brands to stay relevant and achieve ongoing success.

About Patient Journey Market Research

SIS International Research offers custom solutions and insights into the Patient Journey. As the industry moves toward greater patient centricity, we can help you with research. We involve all relevant stakeholders. We even include patients at the earlier stages in the product lifecycle. We can also help with the recruitment of hard-to-reach patients. For example, we can help you to find test subjects with rare diseases.

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