Market Research in Illinois

Market Research in Illinois

In 1818 the Prairie State of Illinois became the 21st state of the USA.

It borders the states of Indiana to the east and Wisconsin to the north. The great Mississippi River lies to the west, separating it from Iowa and Missouri. The landscape of Illinois has vast areas of forests, farmlands, hills, and wetlands. It is the home of one of the largest cities in the USA: The Windy City, Chicago, which lies on the shores of Lake Michigan.

Economic Areas

Chicago is the largest city in Illinois. Its population is around two million. Situated in the center of Illinois, Chicago is the third-largest metropolitan area in the USA. Thus, there is an extensive customer base for a business. It also means that there are a large job market and skilled labor pool. 

Some of the other major cities are Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, and the capital city, Springfield. Together, these cities are home to over 756,000 people. The state has a population of over twelve million altogether.


Market Research in Peoria

Peoria (pictured) is home to over 110,000 people, and is on the Illinois River.  The Peoria Riverfront museum is an important attraction.

In addition, Springfield is the proud birthplace of President Abraham Lincoln, and that city has several attractions dedicated to his life and work. These attractions include the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, and the Lincoln Tomb in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in the north of the state. Illinois has lots of other historical sites to see. Visitors can choose from plenty of parks such as the beautiful Starved Rock State Park. The State Fair held in Harvey is also of interest.

Illinois is home to some of the highest-ranked museums in the world, most of which have their bases in Chicago. These include such esteemed institutions as the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum of Natural History, and the Art Institute of Chicago.  Outdoor areas of interest include Millennium Park and Wrigley Field.

Business Opportunities

Illinois is home to thriving manufacturing, agriculture, exports, and mining industries. There are also significant economic growth opportunities in the services sector, mainly in the areas of finance, technology, government, and transportation.

Service Industries

The service industries across Illinois are fast-growing. Experts expect them to become its biggest income generators. Personal services, such as health care, hotels, law, and accounting firms, are leading. Financial services are a close second. Many people consider Chicago as the financial capital of the American Midwest. Wholesale and retail services are also significant contributors to the bottom line.


The agricultural industry is one of the mainstays of the Illinois economy because of its fertile soil. Corn, soybeans, wheat, and pumpkins are among the most grown crops in the state.

Agricultural Market Research in Illinois


Illinois is also well known for the manufacturing of large machines. These include farm machinery and construction equipment. There are also quite a few companies processing food items. Some of these foods are dairy products, cereals, baked goods, and candy.

Mining and Energy

The mining industry concentrates on coal, but petroleum also makes a significant contribution to the industry. Illinois produces crushed stone, sand, gravel, and even mineral products such as clays.

About Market Research in Illinois

Market Research in Illinois provides essential data. Newcomers can learn about the many businesses already operating in the state. It also aids companies in coming up with the best strategies to ensure longevity. Research is crucial to the decision-making process by increasing its efficiency. It also shows the impact a company can have in the area.

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