Market Research in Alabama

Market Research in Alabama

The State of Alabama is in the southeastern United States.

Locals have nicknamed Alabama the ‘Yellowhammer State’ after its state bird. Other known names are the ‘Heart of Dixie’ and the ‘Cotton State.’ The area of Alabama is approximately 52,000 square miles, with a population of about 4.8 million. Tennessee borders it to the north, and Georgia to the east. Florida and the Gulf of Mexico are to the south and Mississippi to the west.

Alabama is well known for its natural beauty and stunning white-sand beaches. The state is also renowned for its role in the history of the civil rights movement. It has another claim to fame: its rich football heritage. Alabama is a beautiful place to live or even invest in a new business venture.


The state is also home to various attractions, natural features, and parks such as:

  •         The US Space and Rocket Center
  •         Victory Land casino
  •         The Alabama Museum of Natural History
  •         The Bryant-Denny stadium,
  •         The USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park
  •         The annual Hangout Music Festival & the Shakespeare Festival
  •         The Sipsey Wilderness
  •         The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail
  •         The Birmingham Zoo

Alabama’s largest urban areas are its capital, Montgomery, Birmingham and Greater Birmingham. Birmingham is the most industrialized city. Agriculture, manufacturing, mining, fishing, and services make up Alabama’s economy.

Services Industries

The service industries in this state contribute to the economy and the gross product. Industries such as health care are leading. Transportation, communication, and utilities also play a part.


Alabama has a vibrant fishing industry, with the main catches being blue crabs, shrimp, and oysters. Catfish, buffalo fish, and mussels are a freshwater bonus. There are specialized farms for catfish as well, where the fish are grain-fed.


The manufacturing industry takes Alabama’s crops and raw products to the next level. The state manufactures chemicals, paper products, iron and steel, automobiles, plane engines, military and space equipment, and clothing, many of which it sells on the national market.


Alabama is an agricultural state. Livestock products make up 82% of its economy, with crops being the other 18%. The top agrarian product that generates the most revenue is broilers (young chickens). The state also produces cattle and calves, chickens, eggs, greenhouse, and nursery products. Crops such as cotton, peanuts, corn, soybeans, fruit, potatoes, and tomatoes are also significant contributors to the state’s economy.


Products mined in the state of Alabama are coal, natural gases, and petroleum (oil). Mining companies also produce crushed stone, bauxite, marble, and clays. Other products mined are salt, sand, gravel, and limestone. The coal mined is of a soft variety found in the north-central part of Alabama. Companies also produce methane gas from the mined coal in the west-central part of the state. Limestone is extracted and used to make cement and used in roadbeds. 

Advantages of doing business in Alabama

  • The state’s industries have deep roots. These industries have shown continuous annual growth and development.
  • Alabama is well known for its very supportive business climate. Experts consider the state as one of the top five business climates in the United States. Some of its successful companies have gained international attention.
  • The state has excellent infrastructure systems. These systems include a deep-water port, interstates, rail, and airport. Infrastructure makes Alabama a gateway to global markets.
  • There is a very low-tax environment. Depending on location, tax incentives are available to local businesses.
  • Alabama is home to seven research universities. These universities are always looking for innovations and for ways to implement change. They give new businesses a significant advantage in the market research field.

About Market Research in Alabama

Quantitative and Qualitative Research and Strategy Research are excellent tools. All are useful for companies considering Alabama as a location. These types of research help with the targeting of appropriate groups. They also give business owners a greater understanding of the market. Even better, new players can have some knowledge of their competitors.