Market Research in New Zealand

Market Research in New Zealand

New Zealand is in the Pacific Ocean. 

The Maori called it the “Land of the Long White Cloud,” and it comprises around 600 small islands. It has two main island masses – The South Island and the North Island. Its total land area is 268,000 square kilometers (103,500 sq. mi). Most of New Zealand’s population lives in Auckland, with the city of Wellington being its capital. 

English is New Zealand’s primary language. It boasts of a population of 4.9 million, with most persons being of European origin. 

Seasons in New Zealand

Spring is in September-November while summer is between the months of December – February. Fall is between the months of March-May and rounding up the seasons is winter from June -August. Temperatures along the coast tend to be mild. If you go inland, you can get temperatures as low as -10C. Travelers to the far north will experience subtropical weather. 

New Zealand has many scenic trails and picturesque locations. You can even hike through some of Lord of the Rings filming locations (yes, you heard right). It can make you feel as if you are in Middle Earth. New Zealand offers both sides (and the middle) of the world. You can jump off one of the world’s highest cliffs in Queenstown. Alternatively, you can visit the illuminated caves in Waitomo Glowworm. 

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Investing in New Zealand

New Zealand, a developed country operates under a mixed market principle. Apart from the service sector, their economic drivers include agriculture, fishing, and horticulture. Opportunities are ripe for developing those sectors into more prominent and more effective industries. 


Agriculture is the forerunner in New Zealand’s business industries. Pastoral farming, including sheep farming, beef cattle rearing, and the new but popular deer farming, makes up the most substantial part of this sector. Dairy farming also shares a piece of the pie, with New Zealand supplying 2.2 % of global demand for milk. 

Kiwifruit is the most significant export product from New Zealand. Farmers also grow fruit such as cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums. Also, they produce grapes for the local wineries and exportation to markets. Known as viticulture, it is a growing industry in New Zealand. 

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New Zealand exports a large amount of wood to Australia, China, South Korea, and Japan. 


Natural sources are abundant in New Zealand. Oil, gas, iron ore, coal, silver, and gold are some of the primary natural resources mined in New Zealand for export.

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New Zealand has a vibrant fishing industry that exports approximately 90% of its catch. The country’s fishing territory encompasses 2.5 square miles. Demand for fish continues to grow as consumers seek healthier choices in food. New Zealand is into fish farming, and seafood such as oysters and mussels are all up on the export table. 

Benefits of Doing Business in New Zealand

The government offers tax incentives to encourage investment. Some key features include:

  • Double taxation relief 
  • Income exception for overseas investment which can mean up to 4-year tax exemption 
  • Corporate tax rate of 28%
  • No capital gain tax for most investments
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About Market Research in New Zealand

Qualitative and Quantitative Research helps businesses wishing to invest in New Zealand. With research, they can understand how customers may respond to a new product. Research can pinpoint potential issues that may affect business decisions. Qualitative Market Research uncovers the reasons and behaviors behind purchasing, and includes methods such as Focus Groups, Customer Interviews and Online Communities.  Quantitative Market Research measures the extent of buying behavior and includes methods such as Online, App and Mobile surveys.  Strategy Research uncovers new market opportunities and strategic threats.  Key Strategy Research solutions include Competitive Analysis, New Market Opportunity and Go-To-Market Strategy. With Research and Strategy solutions, companies have the opportunity to explore their most pressing strategic issues. We can help you to improve efficiency, profitability, and market share.

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