The Innovation Generation in a Changing China


A growing force

The innovation generation in a changing China

| By Michael Stanat

Michael Stanat looks at some of the forces of change that are buffeting China and how researchers should respond to them.

China’s Millennials represent one of the largest population segments in the world, with over 300 million people. Born during unprecedented times of economic growth and development in the 1980s, this generation now wields substantial influence on business, economic development and culture. Unlike in Europe and America, studies show that China’s Generation Y is economically better off than their parents. They are one of the best-educated and most affluent segments and have more English-speaking people inside the country than any generation in the past. This young generation continues to steadily exert their influence on the world’s second-largest superpower in society, business and culture.

A growing force

Michael Stanat discusses innovation among millennials in China in the April 2015 edition of Quirks magazine.

Michael Stanat is global marketing director at SIS International Research, New York.