Market Research in the Pitcairn Islands

Market Research Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands comprise four volcanic islands: Henderson, Oeno, Ducie, and Pitcairn. The islands are in the southern Pacific Ocean and cover an area of 700 miles. But, put together, the total land area is only eighteen square miles. Despite there being four islands, people live on only one. The main island rises 1,100 feet with coastal cliffs, rainfall, and fertile soil. But there isn’t an airport on the island. You travel by vessel for two nights before you arrive to get there.

These islands are the furthest populated British colony away from any mainland. They are also one of the least populated islands.


People live only on the main island, Pitcairn, and there is only one town there. Its name is Adamstown, and it is safe within a volcanic basin. Adamstown is, of course, the capital. You can only reach the island by boat (the Bounty Bay) because of the many cliffs.

Key Industries

The island’s primary source of revenue comes from tourism. In second place comes the sale of the local honey. The sale of homemade artisan products provides another income stream. Islanders also sell Pitcairn merchandise to tourists. Plus, they offer catering services. They also do mechanical and house care. Other income comes from selling fish, fruits, and other fresh produce to visitors.

The islands stand out at the top of many tourists’ bucket lists as they offer many sights and activities. It never disappoints with its rugged beauty and rare history. Instead, it always brings in more people every time.


The Pitcairn Islands is a nano-economy. This status is plain to see because of the tiny size of the population. Also, the island’s location offers limited scope for expanding the economy. One of the reasons is that there isn’t frequent access to the island. The inhabited island exists on fishing, subsistence farming, and handicrafts.

Over the years, the country has formed different ways of making revenue, including seeking alternative sources of income through private firms. They also received aid from the UK government.

Locals are also doing lots of exporting. Products range from hand-crafted jewelry to wooden and bone carvings. They also make handmade soaps, cosmetics, coffee, dried fruit, and pure tropical honey.

The children on the island do have an education system. Pitcairn provides preschool and primary education. The school is in the capital, Adamstown, and it teaches the new version of the New Zealand education syllabus.

Consumer Base

The people on the island live simple lives involved with agricultural activities. They grow their crops and harvest what they make. Some stores open three times a week throughout the island. In the meantime, locals carve wooden crafts. They also prepare honey and other handmade items for sale or export.

Reasons to Start a Business in the Pitcairn Islands

The Pitcairn Islands are popular tourist stops. Tourist attractions are always good for business. They are some of the loneliest islands, but this only makes it an even better place of interest. Apart from that, the island has many opportunities for everybody. For example, companies can export honey and other products made on the islands. Or, a company can invest in a new vessel for traveling back and forth. Companies can also open a local store or tech operation.

About Market Research in the Pitcairn Islands

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