Focus Group Market Research in Shanghai China

Focus Group Market Research in Shanghai China

Shanghai is the largest city in China with a population of nearly 25 million people and growing.

One of Asia’s most influential business cities, Shanghai has Mainland China’s leading stock exchange and is a leading transshipment point in the global economy.

‏In China’s rapidly growing economy, new opportunities and challenges are emerging for businesses. SIS International Research provides comprehensive qualitative research solutions in Shanghai, China, providing Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews and other solutions to help provide an in-depth understanding of stakeholder and customer behavior.

Qualitative Market Research Solutions

‏With our Asia Pacific headquarters in Shanghai, SIS International Research provides best-practices, experienced researchers, and innovative techniques to help our clients better understand stakeholder behavior and customer needs.

Our recruiters provide access to a variety of different target segments, including Consumers, B2B Executives, Key Opinion Leaders, Decision Makers, High Net Worth Individuals, Physicians, Patients and Healthcare Payors.

Shanghai Business Consulting Company


  • ‏Quality respondent recruitment
  • ‏Qualitative projective techniques
  • ‏Low-incidence samples
  • ‏Multilingual moderation and researchers
  • ‏Simultaneous translation
  • ‏Rapid transcription and file delivery
  • ‏Automotive research & car clinics
  • ‏Analysis and Report Writing
Qualitative Focus Groups in China