Market Research in Antwerp

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Market Research in Antwerp provides data and customer insight for business advantage.

Antwerp is a city in the north of Belgium. It has several dominant business sectors such as the marine sector, electricity, the chemical industry and diamonds.

The port of Antwerp is the second largest European port after Rotterdam and the most important economic activity of the city. Thanks to the Scheldt River, Antwerp has a very attractive strategic location. In fact, the river is one of the most important channels of Belgium.

Antwerp is connected to the German industrial areas and the Willebroek Canal, the port of Brussels.

Marktforschung in Antwerpen

Electricity generation is also an important activity with four nuclear power plants in Doel, a conventional power plant in Kallo and several small power plants.

The other main pillar of Antwerp is the diamond trade, which largely takes place in the diamond district.

The city is prosperous and covers a large area, which creates numerous opportunities and jobs.

The city has four diamond exchanges: the Diamond Club of Antwerp (the oldest in the world), Beurs voor Diamanthandel, Antwerp Diamantkring and Vrije Diamanthandel. The Antwerp World Diamond Center is located in the Diamond Quarter.  It is one partnership representing the Antwerp diamond sector. The Diamond Office in the heart of the Antwerp World Diamond Center which regulates the export and import of diamonds.

The chemical industry is also well developed, as the BASF plant in Antwerp is the largest plant outside Germany.

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About Market Research in Antwerp

SIS International Research provides comprehensive solutions in the marine, diamond, electricity and many other industries.  SIS keeps you competitive by providing a complete view of the business landscape, including through market opportunities, competitor analytics, and business intelligence.

Market research in Antwerp enables companies to determine how to best satisfy customer needs. This gives the company information about many factors that influence the business. It also helps companies to develop more effective strategies and reduce risk and inefficiency.

We conduct Qualitative, Quantitative and Strategy Research.  Our Qualitative Methods include Focus Groups, Video Interviews, In-Depth Interviews, Ethnography, Co-Creation and Online Communities.  Our Quantitative Methods include mobile, telephone and online surveys.  Our Strategy Research solutions include Competitive Analysis, Channel Intelligence, Market Opportunity Assessments and Strategic Repositioning research