ROI and Mobile Assessments are Important to HR Professionals in 2012, Says market research firm SIS International Research


NEW YORK----(January 24)—SIS International Research, a Global Market Research & Consulting firm, has released its Talent Management Trends 2012 White Paper on Industry Trends in Human Resources Recruitment and Talent Management, based on the findings from a recent qualitative industry trend study across the United States among senior HR executives. 

Today’s Human Resources departments are being pushed in new directions, due to the continued jobless recovery, the expectations of the emerging Millennials in the workforce, as well as the introduction and refinement of new technologies. Companies are increasingly moving to online assessments, believing them to be less costly and time-consuming. In addition, corporate branding is becoming an integral part of the application experience. As a result, social media platforms are becoming an important tool to attract applicants.
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Food Service Industry Spotlight 2011


By Sonya Sobato; Rueya Ceylon, Research Analysts

The food service industry is one of the largest industries in the United States.

Statistics by the U.S Bureau of Labor state that food preparation and serving related sectors combined to be the third largest employer by occupational groups in metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas.

It is indicated that 2011 could be an excellent year for the restaurant industry.  Sales are expected to climb up to a four year high, according to industry analysts.  A recently released report by research firm Technomic predicts that the total U.S food service sales will overshadow 2010 by an increase of 1.7% in sales on a nominal basis and dipping just 0.3% on a real basis, which takes inflation into menu price consideration.  And if this forecast is realized, it would be some of the highest growth since 2008.

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Manhattan Office Space Flooding the Market


These days, developers and commercial real estate brokers have a tough time filling office space in Manhattan in New York City.  Following a building boom in which developers flooded the market with office space in newly constructed towers, tenants are hard to come by.  According to the NY Times, many tenants who signed deals in 2007 are seeking to abandon their prime office space.  Part of the problem is that the hedge funds have become defunct, leaving the prime real estate locations in the city.  While only 20 Million square feet have been built in this decade according to CB Richard Ellis, supply is finally catching up with demand.


SIS International Market Research.  US Real Estate Market Research

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Online Gaming Industry Growing as Casinos Struggle


Market Intelligence Journal: Shifts in Gaming Market

In a study, ComScore found that Online Gaming grew rapidly in 2008 because of a slow economy. Online gaming is positioned as a substitute to expensive trips to Bric-and-Mortar casinos in Las Vegas, Reno and Atlantic City, and can benefit from ad revenue as well. Our own research shows that the Brick-and-Mortar Gaming Industry is struggling in the economic downturn.

Online Gaming Market Size

2008 growth rate: 27% year on year

2008 Market size: 86 million visitors

2007 Market size: 67 million visitors

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Rise in Education Sector during Recession


SIS International Market Research -  Graduate schools throughout the United States are realizing unusually high application rates, while the economy plunges further into recession. This development has resulted from the countercyclical rise in demand for college degrees, as scores of workers head to "plan B" by applying for graduate degrees. Eventually, these graduates hope to come out better positioned in the workforce after the recession concludes.

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White Paper: Which Comes first: Demand or Supply?


By Dmitry Shimanov, General Director of MAR Consult Research Agency
Also accessible on SIS Worldwide Intelligence A famous economic law says: “Demand determines supply”. Is this really true?

Regular consumers take this assumption for granted. In today’s market, however, this law requires further revision and clarification. At first, supply determines demand and only then does demand begin to expand the amount of supply.

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Survey on the Direction of Online Media


SIS International was invited to attend the 2008 PR Week / PR Newswire Media at McKinsey & Company's headquarters in New York on June 05, 2008. Speakers included renowned media heavyweights who spoke about the impact of online media on print media and the future of advertising, based on a survey of 1,231 people in magazine, radio, newspaper, blog and television media.

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