India is an attractive market with high growth rates in the past years. Enzyme use is still in its infancy with growing awareness of enzyme potential and benefits providing attractive growth perspectives. The industrial enzymes segment, has an estimated worth of $75 million, and is a quickly growing market in India. In 2006–2007, the bio-industrial sector made an impressive turnover of $130 million, with a growth rate of 5.33 per cent. India imports about 70 per cent of the total enzyme consumption. Pharmaceutical enzymes are the represents most of the industrial enzyme demands in India and cover almost 50 percent of the total enzyme demand, followed by detergent enzymes (20 percent) and textile enzymes (20 percent).

Competitive Landscape

There are about 17-20 players in this market. Most of these companies are either into marketing or into formulations. But India has companies that also manufacture enzymes used in different industries such as pharmaceutical, food processing, leather, detergents, paper and pulp and textile. These companies produce various enzymes and several other eco-friendly biological products. The product range and services are growing rapidly as the use of enzymes is gaining widespread acceptance. The Indian manufacturers are not only supplying to local market but are also exporting to number of countries.

Novozymes in 2007 had acquired the enzyme activities of Biocon Limited which till then was the market leader in India for industrial enzymes. Danisco is opening up two new separate manufacturing units for functional systems and for enzymes to serve South-Asian customers. The plant will primarily produce enzyme blends to service the markets of animal nutrition, food and beverages, fuel ethanol, grain processing, laundry detergents and textiles.
Other Players are: Enzyme Development Corp., Dyadic International, Excel Industries and Concord Biotech, CHR-Hansen and Quest International

Food Opportunities

Food expenditure is increasing on average in India as the country experiences economic growth, sparking western companies to step up investment. Food consumption is set to increase 9.4 per cent by 2012. However, this is a modest rate when considering the pace of the country’s economic expansion, relating to just 4.3 per cent in per capita terms. The Dairy segment is becoming an attractive segment for new entrants. As the economy grows, we believe more people will buy dairy products from supermarkets rather than make them at home. Because of the increase in production costs related to raw materials, customers may reduce dairy milk solids using methods such as increasing the amount of water or air without compromising on taste.

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