Store Layout Market Research

In-Store Market Research provides depth of insights on how effective stores are constructed.

To develop more effective stores in the age of rising e-Commerce competition, it is important to understand the Store Layout, Product Placement and In-Store Displays.

We provide in-store Consumer Intercepts, Ethnography, in-store interviews and Shop Alongs.  We also test store concepts, displays and signage stimuli.  This research can provide detailed insights to better understand the interactions of customers in retail environments. This can help to support in boosting sales, willingness to pay and boosting key performance metrics.

Store Mapping are the actual designs and “maps” of stores.  We leverage software and technology to give retailers insight to what successful stores are doing to maximize sales and satisfaction.

SIS International Research provides Store Mappings, which include:

  • Store layout
  • Shelving
  • Product variety
  • Brands
  • Labeling
  • Price comparisons
  • Design
  • Flow
  • Displays

We developed the method of mapping stores by starting with interviewing costumers in their usual stores.  Our skilled interviewers conduct shop alongs to explore the common shopping routine.  In addition our experienced mappers create a sketch inside the store and rebuild the whole store with special software. The results provide a full store layout and the shopping route from every costumer.

Furthermore this kind of qualitative market research not just gives details about the store layout, the shopping process and shopping behavior but can although give insights about general store features like atmosphere, lightning, friendly and skilled staff, cleanliness etc.

The method can be used in various settings. The most common ones are supermarkets and grocery stores, retail stores, pharmacies and shopping malls.

What are the benefits

  • We have skilled interviewers and trained mappers, who have great experience in rebuilding stores.
  • We can do store mappings rapidly and extensively.
  • Our services are cost-effective.
  • We as an international company are able to map stores globally.

Examples in action

Testing in-store displays and window displays

SIS was commissioned by a European global skin care brand to do store layout market research, particularly during the Christmas season.  The brand was experimenting with different store displays at their Flagship store in NYC to attract customers.  SIS conducted Shop Alongs and In Depth Interviews with consumers, tested the design concepts and presented the recommendations.  Our client mentioned that they experienced a double digit growth in sales from the following year.

Store Layout Design Research

SIS also rapidly conducted store layout research and innovated a method to rapidly do so.  As our clients are interested in rapid insights, we leverage new software products and technologies to gain pricing information and detailed layout information of stores and products within stores.