In the construction and capital projects and infrastructure industry, digital transformation is driven by the need for operational improvement.

Adopting modern technological solutions such as smart construction rendering, IoT-enabled “smart” machinery, real-time communication and collaboration, and project management software expedites the construction process. Digital adoption improves safety, efficiency, and reduces the likelihood of error and delays.   

With IoT-enabled devices and intelligent machine learning, we can use drones, equipped with cameras and sensors, to monitor sites 24/7.

Intelligent software platforms review the data and notify project managers in real-time of any issues. Accuracy, clarity, and operational quality improvements increase the likelihood of a successful project.

Many firms have already entered the market.

Construction firms with global operations, such as the Bouygues group and the McAvoy group, are leveraging digital transformation to industrialize operations and improve collaboration with their suppliers. Drone companies in the US market systems with unique software to insurance and construction companies.  Construction firms use geospatial mapping to measure and track land usage and project development.  Customers want a digital solution catered to their work. Komatsu provides a host of intelligent software that fits the need of workers and site managers.

Governments, especially in the EU, are tightening their CO2 emission regulations.

Digitalization is necessary to monitor emissions, gather data, and provide solutions to reduce the carbon footprint. Governments will likely require the use of some technology for certification purposes.

Capital projects and infrastructure will require the most advanced digital communication systems.

Building highways spanning hundreds of kilometers, and tunnels that can withstand tremendous pressure need to be measured as accurately as possible. This is only possible with digital tools.

Digital implementation is no longer optional.

Companies should not hesitate to adopt software and technology that make worksites safer, leaner, and more efficient.


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