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Inventory Management Market Research, SIS International

What is Inventory Management?

Companies sell goods and materials to make a profit. These goods are the company’s inventory. Since having that stock is so important, companies will do Inventory Management. It is a planned way to source the goods that the company provides. Another function of Inventory Management is to handle the storing and selling of items.

Why is it important?

Inventory Management keeps track of all the products in the company. It shows which items come in and how well they do in sales. Business owners can use it to plan things and improve warehouse stocking and shipments. It also keeps track of items that got spoiled, damaged, or stolen.

Critical jobs in Inventory Management

There are many jobs in Inventory Management. Here are a few:

  • Production clerk
  • Warehouse Clerk
  • Inventory associate
  • Category analyst
  • Quality manager

Why businesses need Inventory Management

To provide excellent service

It helps businesses to know what the consumer wants. In turn, the company can provide services or goods to them on time and often. When a company manages its inventory well, it will meet consumer needs. Customers become displeased when a firm fails in this task. This situation can force them to go to another company.

To make a profit

Companies will keep track of the goods that are trending. In that way, they will not order too much or too little of some items. The company will save money if they don’t have too much inventory. It brings down insurance costs. It also prevents waste that can result from low sales or damage.

To help with growth

When a company can give customers what they want, they will be more likely to return. Additionally, they will tell other people about the company. This word-of-mouth advertising will lead to customer growth. Good Inventory Management is one of the things that will help the company deal with the increase in customers.

Critical success factors to inventory management

Know your Activity

Companies should have detailed information on all stock activity. The business owner should know about product transfers, damaged or missing stock. It would also be good practice to have this information in reports. The reports should also be easy to find and easy to understand.

Keep Daily Count

Companies should keep a daily count of items. This simple procedure is the only way to plan for future orders.

Having the right inventory management software

Doing inventory by hand can work for small businesses, but not larger ones. As the business begins to grow, Inventory Management will become harder. It will take plenty of time, and people can make mistakes. Thus, a company should invest in the right Inventory Management software.

Focus on inventory

The best way to manage inventory is to know your stock. Know which items sell fast, which ones stay on the shelves for a long time, and which ones fall in between. With this, a company will plan for future consumer and market needs. Thus, the company will be able to compete with others.

About inventory Management

Inventory management is one of the essential parts of running a business. A wise business owner will do Quantitative and Qualitative research to improve their Inventory Management. Strategy research is also important.

This research may happen before adding a new product. For example, a company that sells drinks will send surveys to customers. The survey may ask about the customers’ favorite flavors. Companies can also use focus groups to talk to customers.

Another great way to do research is to let customers review the products they used. If the product has a lot of good reviews, the business owner can buy more of that item. But, if the feedback is poor, they can make the good or service better or change how they market it. The company may also choose to stop selling the item.

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