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Market Research in Tokyo Japan

Japan is the 3rd largest economy in the world and home to a sought-after consumer base with major influence over global markets.

Tokyo is a bustling metropolitan area that is often referred to as the “gateway” to Asian consumer markets. Many multinational corporations are headquartered in Tokyo and enjoy the many benefits of population density and greater access to the ever-growing Asian economies. Understanding the Japanese market and its business culture is essential in conducting business in Asia, with its mature and stable economy and its powerful influence on global industries. Key industries in Japan include Automotive, Electronics, Chemical, Technology, Robotics, and Finance. Harnessing the insights and influences of the Japanese consumer market can prove invaluable in business growth and decision-making for key industry leaders.

Key barriers to understanding Japanese business

  • Japanese language has great nuance
  • Language is accompanied by a complex system of facial expressions, gestures, and social context
  • Nuanced system of body language and standing postures
  • Face-to-face communication is highly valued
  • Lasting business relationships are reinforced by face-to-face dialogues
  • To master the Japanese market, you must first adapt to cultural practices
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The Importance of Japanese culture

Many foreign companies have found it hard to overcome unique business barriers. Japanese language has a lot of nuance and has to be interpreted with sets of other criteria such as facial expressions, gestures and the previous context.  Japanese businesspeople effectively switch their standing point (Honne and Tatemae) according to the business situations.  Outsiders may become confused with getting to what they really want to say.  Face-to-Face communication is paid much reverence in Japanese business settings.  People tend to favor an ever-lasting constructive relationship through a sequence of dialogues.

Market Research in Tokyo Japan

About Market Research in Japan

A market research firm in Japan will better help your business explore it’s consumer markets.  As a market research firm in Japan, SIS International has 30 years of experience tapping into global markets from North America and Europe to Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Our experienced teams of market researchers are highly educated and trained in the industries we study, and many staff members are bilingual or speak multiple world languages. We have a dedicated team specifically of native Japanese speakers who intimately understand the target market and have the cultural background and knowledge to access respondents from the Japanese consumer base. Accessing this consumer base is an incredible challenge for international business; at SIS, we seamlessly integrate a keen understanding of language, culture, and business to better understand the needs of growing Asian markets and put their opinions and insights to work for your business.

SIS International market research firm in Japan facilitates in-depth focus groups and interviews, business strategy planning, and qualitative and quantitative research methods to gain invaluable consumer insights into a variety of industries, including automotive, technology, and finance. SIS uses efficient and cost-effective recruiting methods to find the most qualified respondents, many of them C-level (or top-level) executives who have strong influence over the growth and development of global industries. We provide the best and most innovative market research methods that have included in-depth focus group moderation, C-level interviews, telephone video interviews, consulting, product testing and others.

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