Market Research in Croatia

Market Research in Croatia

Croatia is a beautiful country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe.

This crescent-shaped country has low mountains and highlands near the coastline. It also has many flat plains and a large number of islands.

Croatia got its first modern settlement in the early 7th century. Refugees also flowed in throughout the first and Second World Wars. Croatia is now a republic ruled by a parliament.

The rich history and lovely landscape made it the chosen spot to film parts of the HBO series Game of Thrones. When in this country you have lots of opportunity to explore and discover new things.

Croatia has a vibrant culture and fantastic food. Yet, it doesn’t get the recognition it deserves on the world scene. Two Croats have their names on the Map of the Moon, with areas named after them. Also, the necktie started in Croatia.


Recently, Croatia has become a recognized holiday destination, and more tourists are putting it on their travel itineraries. The entire country is breathtaking, with world-renowned neighborhoods like Split, Zagreb, and Hvar.

Split is in the southern part of Croatia. This city has a bit of everything (mountains, parks, beaches), and the inhabitants are friendly. The area is very seasonal, with most tourists coming in between the months of April and October.

Zagreb is the capital and also the biggest city. The city center has Hungarian traits, especially its art scene.

Hvar is Croatia’s premier island. With its mild climate and seaside neighborhoods, it’s also an up-and-coming spot for many retirees.

Key Industries

Croatia’s main income products are food, drinks, tobacco, and chemical oil. Additionally, the Croat people are very skilled in agriculture, one of its key industries. In fact, Croatia is doing so well in agriculture, the World Bank has classed it as a high-income economy.

Croatia has many small farmer’s markets scattered throughout the country. The vendors there sell local fruits, vegetables, cheese, wine, and meat. Most farmer’s markets are in the city centers, but others are in the small villages.

Croatia is a member of the European Union. This membership is another magnet for investors. That is good news because at present, Croatia imports twice the amount of its exports. Apart from agriculture, refined petroleum is one of its biggest exports. It also produces electronics, wood, iron and steel goods, and vehicles. Agriculture, as we have seen, is the mainstay of the economy. But, the production of other goods such as chemicals and plastics is essential to its economy.


Croatia has a developing high-income service-based economy. The country suffered during the Yugoslav Wars in the 1990s. It was only after the end of the wars that the economy started to improve. After the wars, the country went further through the process of becoming a market-based economy. Thus, the Croatian economy is now one of the strongest in Southeast Europe.

Consumer Base

Croatia falls in the middle range of Euro countries based on the level of income of its people. Furthermore, the economy is now moving upward, with the people making the most of their free-market system.

Croatia’s demand for quality consumer foods is rising. These foods include things like wine, tree nuts, seafood, rice, and pet food. It’s easy to see how it is a potential market for the U.S.

Reasons to Start a Business in Croatia

Croatia’s location serves as the main reason it is a great place to run a business. Moreover, Croatia has travel connections to Europe and the rest of the world by sea, road, and air. Hence, this opens the way for a large number of tourists. Other reasons are its modern infrastructure, all-round stability, and educated workforce. Also, the country continues to develop its transport, telecommunications, and energy equipment.

About Market Research in Croatia

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