You’ve signed-up on our web site to become part of our database.

You saw an opportunity to make good money for a few moments of your time. Smart move! Now the phone rings … it’s us … SIS … calling you! This is your moment. But, who is this person on the phone? Who IS this SIS Recruiter?

I am that recruiter.

Like you, I am up early, getting ready for work. I have my coffee, my two eggs over easy with light wheat toast and two pieces of bacon, incinerated. I kiss my wife and pat the dog on the head as I walk out the door. Once in a while, I get those two things backward.

It is my job to call you up, to screen you.

To make sure you are a good fit for one of our focus groups. You are young, middle-aged, a senior citizen, male, female, you are everyone, and it is my job to find you, to talk to you, and put together focus groups and do phone surveys that reflect the diverse and interesting aspects of our business culture.

It’s not always easy to be me, calling someone I don’t know who may be busy or may not immediately welcome the call.

Sometimes you are irritable and you snap at me, or even hang-up on me, but I go to the next number and try again. It is my job. Besides, I like my work. I work for a good company that has earned a great reputation in the world of international marketing research. I have been trained effectively and I am good at my job.

Ultimately, you will thank me for the work I do.

You will come to a focus group, enjoy yourself, impart your unique information, and be well-paid for it. You will watch online for our upcoming surveys and you will WANT me to call again. Because it’s fun to participate, to be among others of like-interests. To be compensated and feel that your opinion matters.

Me, I’ll go home after a long day at the office, proud of my work and knowing that I have done the best I can.

Arriving at my door I’ll kiss the dog and pat my wife on the head and settle in for as good night’s rest before I do it all over again. I am an SIS International Research Phone Recruiter and I am the best in the business.


By Kacy R. – An Opinion Piece