Study Overview

SIS completed a brand perception analysis of a major aviation brand, focusing on Emotional Connection, Value and Accessibility. Integral to the study was SIS’s modular design which included Brand Perception, Advertising Effectiveness, Product Assessment and Corrective Action. In addition, SIS reviewed the brand’s ‘relevant differentiation’, which focused on the success of company marketing in the aviation industry.

Case Study Overview

Date: 2010
Sector: Aviation Market
Geography: 3 Regions (North America, Europe, Asia)
Methodologies Employed: Quantitative (N = 500), Qualitative (N = 30), In-depth interview
Time: 12 weeks

Brand Categories Under Study

Brand Perception

  • Emotional Connection
  • Value
  • Accessibility
  • Knowledge
  • Popularity
  • Customer loyalty
  • Quality
  • Sustainability
  • Relevant Differentiation

Brand Vitality

  • Emotional Connection
  • Value
  • Accessibility
  • Awareness
  • Relevant Differentiation


  • Measures the success of marketing in terms of the extent to which two goals have been achieved

Advertising Effectiveness

  • Understanding key points in your advertising campaign
  • Keeping messaging consistent
  • Understanding what elements resonate with your target market
  • Alignment of customer needs

Product Assessment

  • Performance attributes
  • Key reasons for increasing selection/use
  • Customer unmet needs
  • Product attribute or service gaps
  • Sources of value/advantage and performance requirements
  • Benefits that products provide to the market/customers

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