Compensated Research Study

SIS Research is a study on the topic of COVID-19 treatments in Intensive Care and Critical Care.

We are providing a $400/hour prorated compensation for those who qualify and complete the phone interview.  

The interview is a 45 min – 1 hour call. The purpose of this research is to explore general attitudes and opinions to better design healthcare products and services. 

To be considered, please reply to with these pre-screening questions:

  • Name:
  • Employer:
  • Specialty: 
  • Job Title:
  • State:
  • Do you work at an academic hospital, a community hospital, or a private practice:
  • Do you work in Intensive Care, Critical Care, Pulmonology, or Emergency Medicine?
  • Are you currently directly involved in critical / intensive care for COVID-19 patients?
  • Are you involved in drug treatment decision-making for COVID-19 patients?  Please explain.
  • Please explain your role in critical / intensive care for COVID-19 patients thus far in 2020, including any drug decision-making you make.
  • Your phone number:
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