Client Overview

North Carolina State University is a public, coeducational research school. The school has a history if strength in the engineering, life science, and agriculture fields. They were considering expanding overseas.

Client Need

To analyze the market conditions for opening a campus for a US university within China. This would allow for the development of a strategic roadmap for the university to utilize. The market conditions and nature of the key players have been utilized as a comparative measure.

Methodology Applied

The market potential regarding a US University in China was analyzed by:

  • Gap analysis
  • Comparative SWOT
  • Radar Chart
  • Best in Class Marketing Approach

At least one analytical tool per segment was used to generate the data. The following 8 parameters were set for qualitative and quantitative data:

  • Cost effectiveness
  • Course Offering
  • Student Profile
  • International Partnerships
  • Faculty
  • Reputation
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Physical Location

All parameters are given different weight and average based on the perception of the respondents of the study and personal interpretation of the team based on the results of the first two phases of the report.

For the quantified analysis, the perception of the respondents regarding the operation of U.S. universities in China is computed using this formula:

Percentage1 (%) = Number of Respondents who thinks that U.S. provide the highest quality education

Total Number of Respondents

Percentage2 (%) = Number of Respondents who are willing to enroll in U.S. university based in China

Total Number of Respondents

Conclusions Based on SIS Findings

  • Low market potential for US school due to preference of local students for local institutions
  • Local students prefer to study abroad rather than at an extension university for a US university in China
  • Local students will pay $600-1000. International students will pay $3,300-4,400. Students and Families expected higher quality facilities and education with higher costs.
  • Peking University has the best social science and humanities programs while Tsinghua has the best Engineering program
  • Top students attend the top 5 universities
  • All key players have joint partnership and student exchange programs with other universities and research institutions in the country.

Actions as a Result of our findings

  • Implementation will require a substantial dedication of top resources
  • Partnership with local players (businesses and other colleges)
  • A strong marketing campaign including the use of the yearly education expo
  • Limited use of scholarships because they are viewed as a negative in terms of quality